You can increase the load not only due to weights, but also by increasing the number of repetitions

The best option for development would be the alternation of these two methods. For example, if your set consists of 10 squats and you use 5kg weights, try doing this exercise 15 times. And after a while, you can replace the usual projectile with one that canl have a little more weight.

Everything in training is quite individual, however, as a rule, an increase in capacity occurs every 2-4 weeks with regular exercises and the desire to gain muscle mass. To begin with, it is better to reduce the number of repetitions so that the body gets used to the new weight gradually and does not receive unnecessary stress.

Why not immediately gain a lot of weight?

A very sharp increase in load has an unforeseen effect on the musculoskeletal system. This can lead to joint protrusion, sprains and other injuries. Loads should be increased gradually so that the body has time to adapt to them.
How to understand that the chosen weight turned out to be excessive for the body? Pain all over the body the next day. With regular training, such pain is unnatural. Many mistakenly believe that this is an indication of a good workout.
But in reality, this pain only indicates that the muscles and joints have received an inadequate load, and all the resources of the body will be used exclusively for their restoration, and not for growth, for which the load is usually increased.

When should you not increase weights?

Increasing the weight in training is done to gain training muscle mass. Muscles are subjected to little stress, as a result of which they are destroyed and then restored with little hypertrophy.
But if you are satisfied with the physical form and you just want to keep your body in good shape, a constant enhancement in the load can be superfluous. Inessa advises in this case to choose two weights with which you will work in training, and alternate the load.
Behind the brilliant athletic achievements are gradual and accurate weight gains that take a lot of time. Quickly, as in the movies, you can only achieve injuries. And no achievements will replace your health.

Not sport, but physical education

Pleasure is the main indicator of the quality of your load, experts say. At any age, you can do crossfit or bodybuilding if you really have a desire and intention. However, sports doctors do not recommend the youngest novice athletes to undergo a medical examination. Before you decide on high-intensity training, you need to understand if this is your body.
How much time is right to play sports and what level of load for the benefit, and not to the detriment, is best determined by the coach. But he will also be guided by your feelings from classes, so you first need to learn how to enjoy physical activity, and only then intensively drown fat.