6 fitness myths that don’t let you lead a healthy lifestyle

Gyms are for men only

It may sound chaotic, but a large number of girls believe in this statement and the truth. In their opinion, iron simulators, dumbbells, weights and a barbell will certainly make a masculine figure.
It is better to get rid of the prejudice against any type of fitness and not to divide the sport into male and female. If you like running, doing aerobics – keep up the good work. And if you are drawn to strength training with weight, forget about the stereotypes: the body will not become pumped over if you yourself do not want it.

Scales always tell the truth

Many people are accustomed to focusing on the readings of the scales when losing weight or gaining muscle mass. And when the numbers begin to jump and, moreover, periodically increase, we involuntarily get upset.
Scale readings can be deceiving. Taking two girls with the same weight as an example, you will be surprised how different their physique can be. After all, a kilogram of fat takes up four times more space than muscle tissue. Therefore, it is much more reliable to focus on the reflection in the mirror and the parameters in centimeters.

Need to do fitness every day

The idea that in order to achieve a quick result you need to train daily is very intrusive. In fact, without rest, we simply cannot withstand such a colossal load: neither mentally nor physically. After fitness training, you need to allow yourself to forget about sports for 1-2 days. So the muscles have time to recover, and you simply gain energy and mental strength.

Fat is burned locally

If you have dissatisfaction with your body, then for sure there is a place on it that does not suit you the most. You can often hear such phrases: “I want to remove fat from my stomach”, or “get rid of the sides”, or “make my arms less flabby”. But local fat burning is impossible.
Don’t focus on one problem area. It is much more effective to work in a complex way: include strength fitness training for all muscle groups, cardio load and monitor nutrition in the plan.

The longer the fitness workout, the better

It would seem that the longer the fitness training, the more exercises, repetitions and approaches you can fit into it. And this, perhaps, is the guarantor of progress! But things are different. The same principle works here as with fitness overtraining – do not overdo it. The lesson should be well planned, and its optimal duration is 40-60 minutes, depending on the fitness workout complexity.

Long term cardio is good

This is a rather controversial myth. Many scientific studies that talk about the dangers of long-term cardio for the body, in particular for the joints. However, the experience of professional runners can prove otherwise.
Unless you’re aiming for top-notch marathon runners, it’s best to follow the safe principle of everything in moderation. Cardio load should be included in the training plan, but only in such a way that you do not drive yourself to pain in your side and an off-scale pulse. Up to 15-20 minutes of cardio at an average pace is the best option.