Winning at Winter Workouts: Motivation Top Tips

Motivation comes in many forms. 


Whether it’s ditching the homemade salads in favour of less nutritious options or skipping a run to go on a Netflix binge, motivation is a lot harder to come by in the winter months. Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast can find it hard to get going when the mornings are cold and dark, and that hibernation instinct can kick in pretty firmly. So how do you stay strong when the sofa is calling your name?


Sleep in your workout gear


If you normally do a morning workout, you’ll know that when it comes to vacating a warm, cosy bed for a cold run while the moon is still out, or even getting to the gym, it can be extremely tough. Although it sounds weird, sleeping in your workout clothes can help. Half the battle is forcing yourself to get up and dressed, so if you’re all ready to go as soon as your eyes open, it can help to overcome that barrier. And working out in the colder months is all about removing as many obstacles as you can – to make it easy on yourself to get out of the house and save a few extra minutes in the process.


Have the right kit


Speaking of workout gear, make sure you have the right stuff for the job. It’s been said that there is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing choices. Make sure you invest in quality active wear that will keep you covered – thermal leggings, merino base layers, running gloves, and cosy Suddora headbands can all help. The bright new kit can give you the little boost you need to get you out of the door. After all, you have to christen those new trainers, right?


Don’t wait for New Years


The concept of New Year’s Resolutions hardly ever works – and that’s because it’s an arbitrary point. Just start now and work towards your goals continually with a robust training plan. Think about your goals – whether it’s to help with stress, change your body or take part in a specific event. Once you know exactly what you’re aiming for, have regular reminders set up and schedule your training sessions as calendar appointments, or rope in a workout buddy. It’s all about creating accountability – either to yourself or another person. That makes it harder to renege when you’re tempted.


Play your hero tune


The power of a good playlist is well known, so leverage the power of music. Update your tired old track list with some fresh music or try something like Rock My Run, which has hundreds of pre-selected BPM-matched playlists for every mood and taste. If you have a hero track that you save for the toughest bit of your workout, start your morning off with a blast of that tune to get you in the mood to get up and go.


Plan in a treat


Punishing yourself to do something you don’t fancy is gruelling, and it deserves a reward other than achieving your goal. So make sure that you set little milestones and rituals along the way to ease the pain. It could be having a session in the sauna after your gym workout, or it could be a long, steamy bath after a hard run. Knowing that you have something immediate to look forward to as a ‘reward’ can work wonders.


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