Why We Do Things That We Know Are Bad For Us?

There are more people in the world that are trying to fight the urge to be self-indulgent than you can imagine. Self-indulgence to the point where you’re actually hurting yourself is quite common. We do it all the time with our overeating, staying in sedentary positions for a long periods of time, use substances we know we shouldn’t to make us feel good temporarily and of course stay up late to watch our favorite content. We don’t get the sleep we need, we don’t eat the things we should and we don’t do the things that we should. It’s a cycle that far too many of us go through in short and long strides. But if we are conscious of these things most of the time, then why do we still keep on doing them to ourselves?

Storming the Castle

Everything but everything, starts in the mind. It’s where we build our castle of bad decisions and we challenge logic and reason to try and penetrate the walls. Why do we not just become lazy but stay lazy? It’s easy, it doesn’t require effort and although our health suffers it only does so in small increments and at a slow pace. This pace however gather more and more momentum as the years go on, but by that time our mind is already in a state that is hard to get out of. You must find out why you are doing these subtle acts that do harm you. Is it a lack of confidence in your body? Maybe it’s because you’re unhappy with your job. It could be that you don’t like the people you’re surrounded by. Pinpoint a reason for why your mind is on autopilot and you subconsciously or consciously choose to continue with bad habits.

A Change in Profession

As aforementioned, our jobs have a huge impact on our attitude in life. Doing a job that you don’t like, is going to cause some kind of reaction in your mind and body. You could comfort eat after a long, boring or hard day. Binge eating is attributed to work stress as much as social anxiety. It can also lead to depression which in turn leads to things like substance abuses. It could be alcohol or other, stronger and more harmful things. That’s why sober living programs don’t just offer recovery that is fun, they also offer you different job prospects. In the meantime if you’re really in a bad way, they can help you get different housing and move away from your current environment. They also have transport services to various meetings and also church gathering if that’s something you feel you want.

Because it’s Easy

Why do we continue with bad habits? Well, the simple answer is that it’s easy. It’s easy to not workout, it’s easy to not cook at home, it’s easy to numb our frustrations with content consumption etc. But don’t give in to this way of thinking, nothing that’s worth something is ever going to be easy to attain.

Our health is worth more than anything the world can ever offer us. We need to start tackling the issues that we kick into the long grass more often so we can get onto the road to recovery sooner.

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