Why Hot Yoga Helps With Work Motivation

Whether you have an office job where you are sat down in one position for long periods of time or you work in retail where you are standing up all day rushing around can affect your motivation and energy at work.

You may not feel it, but even if you are rushing around all day at work you can still feel mentally drained. This is where hot yoga comes in to help your mind set.

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Hot yoga is like normal yoga but the heating in the room is turned up so it’s warmer than the average room temperature, around 40 degrees, to allow your heart, lungs and muscles to have the chance to have a stronger workout giving more results, allowing your body to sweat more. Having the temperature turned up helps your muscles to warm while allowing you to become more flexible without it being painful in any way

To do this you will be assisted through a series of postures along with a couple breathing exercises in a certain order to create a ‘flow’. Each class and instructor will do their Hot Yoga differently but some will have the typical relaxing acoustic music, whilst some will have louder, upbeat soundtrack to keep your heart rate up so you feel full of energy. These are the ones you recently see on social media as it’s becoming a popular activity.  

Hot yoga will make you sweat a lot. This is great for flushing out your body, leaving you with clear, nourished skin, so if you are looking for a fresh, glowing face, then hot yoga will help produce it naturally. The heat can improve your circulation, treating your body from within and get rid of any chemical build up too. 

The benefits of hot yoga can make a world of difference to your mental and physical state. Mentally it can release stress by being guided through multiple different breathing exercises that will help to relax you. Physically over time you will feel less tension and sweat any bad toxins from your body. If you suffer from feeling tense and strained when you are doing everyday movements going to hot yoga classes can improve flexibility. 

Did you know there have been many studies of people who perform yoga regularly and evenly support your weight when doing each position can help to build bone density mainly in the hip, back and neck areas?

Although you may feel hesitant about trying hot yoga, you will leave feeling instantly amazing, like you’ve been through a cleanse of any negativity. What you’ll notice, is that you will naturally have more energy throughout the day, along with walking away with a different mindset and motivation to work hard. 

If you are looking to lose weight as your job involves mainly sitting down or you just want to feel better about your body then hot yoga can burn a lot of calories and if you suffer from back pain or a certain area of your body is bothering you then yoga will attend to them, helping stretch and relieve any tension whilst being gentle. Doing hot yoga will participate in getting rid of arthritis by relieving the muscles after two to three sessions. Although it won’t be a permanent cure, it will give you this soothing feeling with every session.

Other benefits include helping to reduce ageing, this helps you feel mentally younger and how your body looks by tightening the skin and toning your muscles, as well as a varied amount of postures concentrating on your thyroids which help balance its levels. It also decreases your blood pressure levels, so if you have diabetes, then this can assist in back pain and reduce obesity. 

If you are interested in attending a hot yoga session, then wearing loose clothing, avoid fabrics that will stop you from holding on to too much moisture like cotton. Take a bottle of water that you are able to refill as the heat will make you drink at least two times more than usual otherwise this could end up with you feeling dizzy or light headed.

Due to it being hot yoga, it is advisable to bring a towel to wipe any sweat from your body along with wiping your yoga mat. If your yoga class consists of a 10-minute relaxation section at the end where you lay on your back and relax after all your hard work then taking a blanket is great to lay your head on and cuddle up to make it cosy.

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