Who Is At Risk for Hypertension?

Are You At Risk?

It is estimated that HBP affects 70 million people, or about 1 in 3 adults, but many are completely unaware that they have the condition. The health risks are many, but unfortunately, the symptoms are few. Being overweight is one of the key risk factors for hypertension. Other factors include: poor diet with too much sodium, sedentary lifestyle, family history of hypertention, and even old age.

Knowing your numbers will help you track your blood pressure and take proactive steps when you see it start to rise over time. It is important to note that blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day so it should be tested at the same time every day under the same conditions.

You are at risk for hypertension if you do not know your numbers.

who is at risk for high blood pressure

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 Please continue with this series to learn more about blood pressure.


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