What To Do When You Hit A Motivation Wall

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During the lockdown situation, there have been two types of people. One type was very motivated, found new ways to workout and has been using the time to improve their health and wellbeing. The other type took the unusual situation as a free pass to eat junk food and spend all day on the sofa. Whichever type you fall into, a lot of people are now starting to hit a wall. Even the most motivated of us are finding exercise becoming a chore as we cope with the new restrictions and confinement of our lives right now. So if you’ve lost the spark for a healthy routine, how do you bring it back?

Understand Your Goals

In order to stay motivated, it’s a good idea to articulate your fitness goals and keep them close by. Understand exactly why you are doing what you’re doing. Whether it’s working on improving your running with the aim to run a marathon for charity, losing those last few pounds for health reasons, or using exercise as a tool to manage anxiety during uncertain times, there is a reason that you want to continue your fitness journey. Write this up into a mission statement and display it where you can see it – as your phone’s lock screen, or on a Post-It note on the fridge. When you hit a day where you just don’t feel like it – which is perfectly natural – take the time to remind yourself why you began in the first place.

Mix Up Your Routine

It’s hard to maintain the same level of enthusiasm about one thing indefinitely, and your body actually gets used to the same kinds of exercise over time, so they become less effective. Your best bet is to make a habit of occasionally finding new workouts that challenge your body in a different way. There really is such a lot out there to choose from. So if you always run, try some Pilates instead. If you weight lift, complement it with some HIIT classes. You can also throw some sessions in there that give you a life skill, such as boxing or Jiu Jitsui knife defense that can help with personal safety. There’s so much to discover, so challenge yourself to try one new workout a month.

Try A Fitness Tracker

Sometimes, being able to really visualize your progress can be a game-changer. And that’s exactly where a wearable fitness tracker can help. Devices like FitBits help to make exercise more like a game – giving you daily step counts to hit and encouraging you to reach your goals. Having an immediate target in front of you can help to break it all down day by day and keep you on track. If you’re good at knowing what you want to achieve but bad at the daily consistency, these little gadgets can help to keep you focused on the here and now – which adds up over time to reaching your ultimate aim. It can be just the encouragement you need to stay the course and really see the results you want. 

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