What Foods Should You Be Eating for Better Sleep?


Healthy foods

The choices we make in the kitchen can affect many different aspects of our lives: weight, health, even sleep. The physical and mental health impacts of sleep make it especially important to know which foods help and interrupt your slumber. Poor sleep can cause higher blood pressure, anxiety, even heart disease, so it’s crucial to make sure you’re getting enough ZZZ’s.


Follow this guide to learn the best and worst foods to eat before sleep in order to get the highest-quality rest possible.


Eat for sleep

The melatonin in foods like almonds, eggs and fish can make you feel tired, shortening the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep. In comparison, chocolate and coffee both contain caffeine, a stimulant that prevents your body from shutting down for sleep.


The best practice is to eat small meals throughout the day instead of loading up during each meal. This is especially important during dinner time, as filling yourself up can keep you tossing and turning all night with indigestion. Instead, try to eat a small amount of filling, protein-heavy snacks a few hours before bed to avoid hunger or nausea overnight.


If these dietary changes still aren’t helping your sleep cycle, don’t give up! Whether it be investing in a more supportive bed or spending more time exercising, there are still a lot of different ways to improve your sleep. If sleep issues persist and begin to affect your life, consider consulting a doctor.

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