Weight loss through fitness trackers – Is it trustworthy and how you can lose weight by counting calories

weightloss with fitness trackers


Fitness trackers have become a necessity for anyone wanting to cut calories as their form of losing weight.  The databases behind these trackers have become to extensive that some food companies are processing every barcode of their edible merchandise into their conglomerative system so that whenever you scan the barcode on a product, all of the information pops up into your application!  It allows you to adjust for portion sizes, search between multiple entries of the same product, and most even have a manual entry for creating your own recipes.  You can even enter your beginning information, along with how much you want to lose a week, and the application will generate an average caloric intake as well as a balanced vitamin and mineral count for you to take in daily!  A calorie tracker, once started, implants this idea of accountability as well, motivating you to continue going with the personal accountability because of the idea that someone is “watching.”  These apps have been created so that the trustworthiness behind their creation is all about what you can see and input, and they have done a marvelous job of it.

Counting calories is the epitome of losing weight for most diet routines, like in the hCG diet protocol, and several studies are beginning to show that calorie trackers are being used like personal trainers: there are reminders being set and cheers being programmed into the application whenever you surpass a goal, and it is holding you personally accountable by reminding you to do certain functions and input certain meals throughout the day.  Some applications even remind you to drink water regularly!

But calorie trackers have more benefits than just keeping track of your calories for weight-loss: it brings you a sense of purpose.  Mindlessly cutting your portions in half becomes almost boring, and in a society where everything is based on instant gratification and constant engagement, a calorie tracker provides you with both of those things: it gives you a task to complete after every meal and snack, and it gives you all the information you need at your fingertips the moment you input the information!  It creates a habit that engages you multiple times throughout the day, and constantly keeps the reminder of your new eating habits in the back of your mind as you progress through your weight loss.  Then, once you begin seeing results, it opens up a new set of responsibilities within the application, because then you start to begin putting in your new weight, and it begins creating a visually-appealing chart so that you can always look back and see where you began and the progress you made.  There is constant gratification with everything you do to interact with trackers, and the little task of plugging in the foods you eat gives you a purpose behind thinking about your eating choices, which is a wonderful idea for those who are extrinsically motivated.

Another technique that comes highly recommended is using a calorie tracker before you actually begin any sort of diet change.  Calorie trackers are a wonderful way to bring glaring things in your diet that you never considered to life: like that extra packet of ketchup for your fries or that one bite of macaroni and cheese while you were stirring the pot to cool it down.  If you dedicate yourself to doing that even for two days, the results are astounding, and you get a very real and raw look at the amount of calories you are consuming on a daily basis.  Many times just cutting out those extra bites throughout the day can cut out as many as 400 extra calories!  But do you know what helps some people in the long-run achieve their results with more conviction and more guarantee?  A weight-loss supplement, like Phen375.  They are not for everyone, but for those that come to their own personal conclusion that they might need one, they always see the results they had wished for in their life once they do add one.

Whether you are intrinsically motivated (that is, if you have your own inward, personal motivation to lose weight) or extrinsically motivated (that is, if you are inspired by outward forces), a calorie counter tailors itself to both parties.  If you are the type of person that can dig down and find the passion within themselves to lose weight, then a calorie tracker provides you with a detailed outline of all of the foods you eat throughout the day, a breakdown of all basic food components (such as fats, proteins, sugars, and carbs), and the percentage of all vitamins taken throughout the day so that you can inwardly digest that information and calculate where you need to make some changes.  However, if you are the type of person that requires outside forces of some sort in order to draw inspiration and passion to lose weight, then a calorie tracker also has many things for you as well!  A calorie tracker will provide you with a little task of inputting information every time you eat, which will generate a visible pie chart for you to see, and as you start to lose weight and alter your baseline weight within your profile, you will have a line-chart drawn out for you so that you can visibly take stock of your change in weight even though you might not see it in the mirror yet.  Some apps even give you little reminders and uplifting remarks every time you reach a milestone or input an entire meal!

A calorie tracker can also help you with meal planning.  You can create your own recipes within most applications, so when you get up in the morning and you aren’t sure what you plan for dinner, you can either cycle through your manually-inputted recipes or you can search all of the foods in their database and plan out exactly the amount of everything you will need.  That way you are never blindsided by extra calories throughout the day, and you know exactly where in the grocery store to target for your dinner without getting side-tracked by the beautiful bakery section in the back!

Whether you are wanting to slice away a few pounds, start your journey, or are just curious as to what your caloric intake is right now, a calorie counter is the way to go.  Keeping yourself motivated and holding yourself accountable are two very important things that go a long way in the journey you are beginning.  Research the calorie trackers, find people using them in their lives, and figure out which one is going to be the best for you.  But there is one thing that cannot be denied: these things bring nothing but good to those who choose to utilize them.


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