Training Like The Stars; Is It Worth It?

It might be easy to think that all the stars ever do is play whatever role they need to play in a TV show or movie, do a few press conferences and interviews, and then spend the rest of the time being filthy rich. But being a star is so much more than that, and they often have to change their bodies for different roles, especially film stars. You might not realize what they actually go through to manipulate their bodies, and get it ready for the role that they need to play. But is all of the training they go through actually worth it? Well, with a paycheck like the one they get, it most definitely is. But they often don’t maintain the figure they create, as it won’t be long until they’re onto the next role which requires something different. So what we want to explore is what certain training programs would be like for our bodies, so we can have an idea of what it’s like for theirs, to see if it is actually going to be worth it. So keep on reading, and see if you could take on some of these training methods.

woman doing one-armed pushups

Crazy Diets & Exercise Regime

So the first thing that you need to realize, is that when these stars are going through the transformation that they’re going through, they’re doing it rapidly. They usually have a few months at the most, which means they have to dive right into crazy diets and exercise regimes. So think about when Zac Efron workout for the Baywatch movie. Zac adopted The Rocks exercise and eating regime, and became completely shredded for the film. But is it healthy for the body. The body truly is a temple, and we know we’re meant to push the boundaries of that, but is it always going to be wise to do it in such a short space of time? We think not. If you are going to try and follow a celeb style training regime, bear in mind that your goal can be achieved over the course of a longer period of time, you should never push your body beyond its limits to look good.

No Rest For The Wicked

The problem with the stars, is that they’re training around their already busy lifestyles. Most of them are running on empty at the minute, with little sleep and little time for rest. So this side of training like the stars is most definitely not worth it. You have to respect the fact that your body needs a few days each week to rest, as well as your mind. Try to overload your body with exercise as a form of escape, and it will eventually break down on you!

Fighting Back Criticism

Criticism is everywhere for the stars, but so is it for you. It always feels like no matter what you’re doing with your body, someone has to tell you how to do it better. Someone is always there to criticize you, and it’ll either bring you up, or bring you down. So it’s important to remember why you started with the goal you’re on right now, and only sticking to what you want to do!

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