These Symptoms Could Indicate a Serious Heart Disease

It is difficult to tell whether the symptoms you feel need a general health practitioner or a specialist. Heart diseases can catch anyone off guard until a heart attack or stroke happens. An individual who seems perfectly healthy and is very active can succumb to heart disease at any given moment. While the following signs and symptoms are easily dismissed and can be anything from overeating or stress; recognizing the early signs of this disease could prevent further complications.

Shortness of breath

This is a common symptom. Brisk walking for some may produce shortness of breath. Climbing a few steps of stairs can also be taxing – but this varies with age. For instance, an overweight middle-aged individual can experience shortness of breath when climbing upstairs. It can be linked with the exertion and effort.

But an overweight individual who catches breath when climbing a few steps of stairs is one of the red flags. This can range from problems of fat deposits in the heart or medical issues with the heart. When this happens often, it is time to see a doctor so that they could recommend a cardiology specialist near your home in the Uintah Basin.

Heavy feeling on your chest

One of the symptoms of a heart attack is that feeling of a heavy thing on your chest – like a big block of stone was put on your chest that you find it difficult to breathe. This is an emergency situation. This could become worse in seconds. When someone is experiencing this, you should bring them to the hospital as soon as possible. A follow-up visit with the cardiologist is often recommended.

Blue lips

Bluish discoloration of the lips means the body is lacking in oxygen, which could be a symptom of issues in heart circulation. It could mean a blockage in the heart or in the artery. This should not be dismissed as a minor case, especially in children. See a doctor immediately as this could mean life-threatening malformation of the heart.


If a person has an irregular and fast heartbeat and often misses a beat, they might have heart palpitations. The sensation of a pounding heart could occur when there is a lot of stress and anxiety. It can also occur if you have consumed more than usual cups of coffee in a day. While most doctors will say that it is harmless, it would not hurt to see your doctor and have yourself checked, especially if you have a history of heart problems in the past.

Lower extremity swelling

Swelling in the lower extremities is called edema. Often it is a sign of improper liquid circulation since the water remains in the lower extremities. Often it is accompanied by bladder and excretion problems which can cause problems for your heart. When the body does not excrete water or fluids, it will go back to your circulation and soon will overload the heart.When you experience any of these signs, it is always best to err on the side of caution and see a physician immediately. This is an even more important step when your side of the family has a history of hereditary diseases in the family, like diabetes and hypertension. These two medical conditions can bring about many complications, including heart ailments. But a simple change in lifestyle and diet can make a difference.

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