Andre Miske Thank you to Glenn

I’m going to write another big thank you to Glenn.

His show is very good and I have learned so much about nutrition and health.

I specifically like top level professionals coming to his show and share their wealth of knowledge.

I generally consider my self healthy and try to feed my kids the best I can but the latest series on sugar opened my eyes. Kids and sugar – how hard can it be?

Keep up the good work Glenn.

Andre M.

Live Fit | Health Improvement Programs Ambitious Cycling Goal

“After a long-term injury, I asked for Glenn’s help in preparing for an ambitious cycling goal in 2015.  In a few short months,

Glenn helped me back to a solid level of base fitness…plus helping me reach a near-optimal weight for the next level of training and beyond.

Glenn’s enthusiasm, positive attitude, and fitness knowledge will be a definite boost in helping me successfully complete my goal.”


Pete Kent

I’m Honored

I’m honored to have taken your mac fit class and I’m now 56 lbs lighter and healthier.
Thank you I learned to be patience from you.  You also taught me never give up keep pushing forward.
Thank you.
Claire Clark

Live Fit Helped Me Reach My Goal

When I started the program I felt my age of 77, now I don’t. I feel much younger, and strong and capable. I can walk the Fairmont loop, and much quicker than I ever have. LF is great. Years ago Weight Watchers set a weight goal for me and I was never able to reach it, now I weigh much less and I continue to lose little by little.

Olivia F.

Eneida Nemecek Jump Start

The Live Fit program allowed me to jump start my plan to become more active and served as a good reminder for mindful eating.

Eneida N.

Live Fit | Pat B. testimonial Balanced Workout

Glenn is an great trainer and does an exceptional job of balancing the workout, the knowledge and the motivation to help his clients achieve their goals.  I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone.

Pat B.

Still Hanging In There

I still do my best to stay fit. I’m doing a boot camp class every Monday. I still think about the Live Fit class often. When my weight starts creeping up, I go back to the Food Journal for several weeks. I’m sure I’ll be applying the “working out without a gym” principals when I no longer have access to the workout facilities here after I retire next week.

Ed Tucker

Live Fit | Lisa S. Thank You

I’m definitely stronger. All this guidance you’ve given me really has given me a lot of joy to my life. Thank you. I know I say it all the time but I can’t say it enough!

Lisa S.

Live Fit | Barbara B. Glenn is Amazing

Glenn is amazing. He knows how every muscle works. He is able to figure out my weak points and able to guide me through strengthening my weaknesses.

He keeps in touch and is very encouraging. Which motivates me to keep up and push beyond my comfort zone. I most likely would never have pushed myself with out his help.

I am looking forward to working more with Glenn. I am excited for the changes taking place in my body. I was strong and healthy before, but now he is making sure I use all my muscles and that they are all strong.

Thank you Glenn!


Barbara B.

Glenn is Knowledgeable

Glenn is knowledgeable, motivating, fun and simply a joy to work with. He has done everything we have asked of him and more. When we asked for suggestions of future work out and weight loss planning he suggested less than what we planned! Just an all round great person! Thank you Glenn!

Anna V.

Live Fit Testimonials

Testimonials for Glenn Johnson and Live Fit.

Glenn shares testimonials received for the Live Fit weight loss and coaching programs.

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