weight loss

bad habits

Bad Habits That Can Cause Weight Gain

If you exercise and eat well but still seem to gain weight, you’re not alone. Many adults struggle with their weight despite their best efforts. Some [...]
oral care and weight loss

The Connection between Oral Care and Weight Loss

If you are like many people, chances are that you are always looking for ways to lose weight. What you may not realize is that there is a link between [...]

The Science Behind Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating, rather than typical diets that restrict calories or certain [...]
episode 131

Ep 131 The Stages of Change w/ Dr. Prochaska

Today's guest is none other than the behavior change gurus Dr James Prochaska and his wife Dr Janice Prochaska. In 1977, Jim Prochaska, Carlo DiClemente and [...]

Ep 126 Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet?

Erin Wathen is a food addiction counselor and author of "Why Can't I Stick to My Diet?: How To End the Food Drama." As a graduate of the Institute for [...]
get off the snack wagon

Get Off The Snack Wagon

There are plenty of great ways to improve your fitness. Many of them are tough to fit into a busy lifestyle. You find you have to time your meals around them [...]

Add Every Missed Hour Of Sleep To The List Of Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

    If I had a dollar for every pound I lost and gained back, well, I’d be writing this from a far nicer couch. The truth is, many of us [...]
You Are What You Eat: How You Can Lose Weight and Keep the Weight Off

You Are What You Eat: How You Can Lose Weight and Keep the Weight Off

When you are looking to lose weight, it requires a big commitment. But in order to keep the weight off, it needs an even bigger commitment. There are so many [...]
Jennifer Powter

Ep 93 Sugar pt 5: Transformation w/ Jennifer Powter

Our discussion about Sugar continues with Life Coach, Weight loss, and Fitness Expert, Jennifer Powter. In this episode, Jen tells us the importance of [...]
Tiffany Cruikshank

Ep 88 Meditate Your Weight w/ Tiffany Cruikshank

This episode begins with a    Listener question from Sachin. She asks:  Why do children like to eat junk food? Glenn answers with the [...]
psychology of eating

Ep 84 Weight Loss Starts in The Mind [The Psychology of Eating]

This week, I have the pleasure of speaking with Marc David. He is the founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and an passionate advocate for [...]
Intuitive eating

Ep 82 Summer’s Coming, Don’t Panic [Be Intuitive]

In this week's episode,  you will learn what it means to be an intuitive eater. Glenn clears out the clutter and explains the categories of weight loss [...]

Ep 77 [WWW11] Weight Loss, Insulin & Red lining [Overexertion Sickness]

  In this 11th Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden discusses how you can control your weight without feeling deprived. He explains how insulin [...]
Cliff Ravenscraft | Live Fit Podcast

Ep 76 Cliff Ravenscraft is Free from the Tyranny of the Scale

The human body wants to move. It was made to move and it works best when it is active. However, modern life does not agree with this. The ramifications of [...]

Ep 64 [WWW4] Benefits of a Periodic Cleanse, Water Weight Loss

  In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden explains the Benefits of a Periodic Cleanse. We all absorb toxins. Our body does a pretty good job of [...]
Metabolism Matters | Live Fit Lean

Why Your Metabolism Matters and What You Can Do

Metabolism is the chemical processes occurring within a living cell or organism that are necessary for the maintenance of life. In metabolism some substances [...]
goal setting

Ep 42 – Goal Setting Made Easier: 9 Steps for Weight loss Success

 9 Effective Goal Setting Techniques for Scorching Success at Weightloss & Fitness. The best time to make a change is now, when you think about it. [...]
the holiday trap | Live Fit Lean

Ep 38 – The Holiday Trap: 8 Tips to Help You Thrive

Are you caught in the Trap? Many people this time of year are. Or they will be soon.  It is difficult to escape The Holiday Trap. Why? Because this trap [...]
Sleep: It's more important than you think | Live Fit

Sleep – It’s More Important Than You Think

Everybody knows that sleep is important. But, it's more important than you think. But why? I am inspired to write this article right now because I didn't [...]
regular guy Darren Altman | Live Fit Lean

Ep 35 – A Regular Guy Reaches His Breaking Point & And Finds Fitness

In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast, I interview Darren Altman, and Learn What Happened to this Regular Guy Who Reached his Breaking Point and Finds [...]