what is sugar

Ep 89 Sugar pt 1: What is It and How Does Your Body Respond?

What is Sugar? A Carbohydrate Sugar is a carbohydrate. A carbohydrate is the starchy, fuel, or energy reserve in a plant that is used to power the seed as it [...]
Tanja Shaw

Ep 80 Live Fit & Vibrant w/ Tanja Shaw

                  Tanja Shaw is the host of the Fit & Vibrant You podcast and my guest for this [...]
Cliff Ravenscraft | Live Fit Podcast

Ep 76 Cliff Ravenscraft is Free from the Tyranny of the Scale

The human body wants to move. It was made to move and it works best when it is active. However, modern life does not agree with this. The ramifications of [...]
the holiday trap | Live Fit Lean

Ep 38 – The Holiday Trap: 8 Tips to Help You Thrive

Are you caught in the Trap? Many people this time of year are. Or they will be soon.  It is difficult to escape The Holiday Trap. Why? Because this trap [...]

Ep 26 – Burn More Fat, Get More Fit, Quick with HIIT

In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast I discuss how you can burn more fat and get more fit with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Better fitness [...]