pamela gold

Ep 110 Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness w/ Pamela Gold

In this episode I speak with Pamela Gold.  Not only was she fun to talk to, but she has an amazing insight to how people can live Healthy, Happy and [...]
Foresight is 20/20 |Live Fit Lean

Ep 70 – Foresight is 20/20 (See into the Future and Control Your Destiny)

What’s It All About? I asked my newsletter subscribers this question a couple weeks ago. I wanted them to think about what drives them. What motivates them, [...]
goal setting

Ep 42 – Goal Setting Made Easier: 9 Steps for Weight loss Success

 9 Effective Goal Setting Techniques for Scorching Success at Weightloss & Fitness. The best time to make a change is now, when you think about it. [...]
Sabotage | Live Fit Lean

Ep 33 – Sabotage: Are You Your Worst Enemy?

Who is Your Worst Enemy? Your boss? A classmate? A teammate or co-worker? Are You The Victim of Sabotage? Chances are, your worst enemy - Is YOU - Is [...]