eating disorder


Ep 121 What is Orthorexia? w/ Renee McGregor

Have a healthy attitude toward food. Renee McGregor is a leading Performance and eating disorder specialist dietitian with over 15 years' experience working [...]
Never Binge Again w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston

Ep 103 Never Binge Again w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston

This week I speak with psychologist Dr. Glenn Livingston about binge eating and food obsession.  Dr. Livingston was disillusioned by what traditional [...]
eating disorder

Ep 85 The Real Story of a Disordered Eater [Savannah Couch]

In this moving interview with Savannah Couch, we learn how she developed anorexia and then bulimia nervosa, and overcame it. It all started when she was about [...]