The Drink Battle – Which is Healthiest?

This Sweet Drink Comparison will surprise you.

Sugar is the new smoking.

Sugar is everywhere.

Many say it is responsible for the obesity epidemic. Others want to segregate the different types of sugar and blame one type, such as High Fructose Corn Syrup over another source like “pure cane sugar,” for the problem.

Yet research keeps showing that sugar is, at least partially, responsible for the onset of Type II diabetes mellitus, non-alcoholic liver disease, obesity, CVD, neuropathy, and more.

Can this sweet substance really be killing us slowly (and painfully)?

Can something that takes away pain when given to babies and is found naturally in fruit and other foods, a food that takes away bitterness, and makes eating fun, really be the scourge or our health current condition?

For more information about sugar (origin, health implications, sugar and children, and much, much more)
visit Episode 90 of the Sugar Battle.

This podcast episode and article will explain the origins of sugar, what sugar does in your body and why it is not so healthy for you.

Sweet Drink Comparison infographic

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