Shake Up Your Workout Routine

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All the hard work that goes into developing a workout routine that is beneficial and that you enjoy can one day suddenly feel like a waste. Not because no progress has been made, but because the repetition has become monotonous and you no longer look forward to your workout sessions. All you need to do is shake it up! Inject a new aspect into your weekly routine, and you’ll feel that passion come rushing back.


Train With A Pro


If the dip you’re feeling comes from the fact that your motivation is slipping away, then look into working with a personal trainer. A lot of people, once they have reached their body goal lose the motivation to keep working out as hard as they were. And perhaps they don’t need to, but to suddenly stop exercising will allow that weight to reappear, and those hard-earned muscles to disappear. Work out a new plan and get motivated again with the help of a personal trainer – they’ll ensure that you won’t lapse.


Go Hard Or Go Home


Something you can do to really boost your workout routine is to take a break purely to exercise more. A boot camp could be a great option if you want to push yourself, try new things and have a really intense few days. There are many different types – from weightloss to body building.Whatever level you’re on, there will be a camp out there for you.




Maybe you’re just tired of the whole gym scene and want to try something calmer, which can benefit you in more ways than muscle tone. Yoga is a great practice that helps you physically and mentally. It also doesn’t have to be in a studio or gym setting. Rooftop yoga allows you to be in the open air, and feel like you’re floating in the clouds, above your worries. Park yoga grounds you to nature. And just simply doing it at home, in your space can reaffirm all the teaches yoga sets out to impart.


Out Of Your Comfort Zone


We all have them, and the saying is there for a reason. You could easily be feeling flat because you’ve become comfortable in the routine you’re in and are finding yourself becoming stuck. But over however long you’ve been working out, you’ve introduced your body to new sensations, new practices that give it boosts in endorphins and, sometimes, adrenaline. That dip you’re feeling is your body telling you to give it more – so try and master a new skill. If you’ve been living in the gym, try running outside rather than the treadmill – trust us, it’s more of a challenge than you think. Pick up kick boxing or swimming. Throw yourself into a new challenge and your body will love you for it.

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