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Dr. Phil Carson Natural Pharmacist

Ep 98 Dr Phil Carson a Natural Pharmacist

  Phillip Carson, President of Carson Natural Health, LLC is a Pharmacist who thinks outside the box of  traditional medicine. He believes in [...]
Dre. Rachel Abrams

Ep 97 Bodywise with Dr. Rachel Abrams

Listen to your body, it is wise. Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams tells us about her new book "Bodywise" and how we can listen to our body to treat, repair, and [...]
episode 96

Ep 96 Sugar pt 8: Sugar Series Summary

In this conclusion episode, Glenn summarizes that last 7 episodes about sugar. He covers the basics of what sugar is and how your body treats it; he [...]
Dr Fuhrman

Ep 95 Sugar part 7: Dr. Joel Fuhrman – Is Sugar the Cause of Drug Addiction?

In this episode, my special guest is Dr. Joel Fuhrman says, "You can't drug yourself to wellness" and then tells us how to reverse your lifestyle illness [...]
Janet Hull

Ep 94 Sugar pt 6: Aspartame w/ Dr. Janet Hull

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Janet Starr Hull, the author of "Sweet Poison". Janet was inspired to write this book after experiencing aspartame [...]
Jennifer Powter

Ep 93 Sugar pt 5: Transformation w/ Jennifer Powter

Our discussion about Sugar continues with Life Coach, Weight loss, and Fitness Expert, Jennifer Powter. In this episode, Jen tells us the importance of [...]
salt fat sugar

Ep 92 Sugar pt 4: Salt, Sugar, Fat with Michael Moss

This week's interview is with Michael Moss, the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Salt Sugar Fat, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning [...]
Sweet Poison

Ep 91 Sugar pt 3: Sweet Poison w/ Author David Gillespie

David Gillespie is a recovering corporate lawyer, former co-founder of a successful software company and investor in several software startups. He [...]
what is the most dangerous kind of sugar?

Ep 90 Sugar pt 2: The Most Dangerous Kind of Sugar (why, and what you can do to avoid it)

In this episode, I’m going to share with you the most dangerous kind of sugar. Sugar is the new smoking. Sugar is everywhere. Many say it is responsible [...]
what is sugar

Ep 89 Sugar pt 1: What is It and How Does Your Body Respond?

What is Sugar? A Carbohydrate Sugar is a carbohydrate. A carbohydrate is the starchy, fuel, or energy reserve in a plant that is used to power the seed as it [...]
Tiffany Cruikshank

Ep 88 Meditate Your Weight w/ Tiffany Cruikshank

This episode begins with a    Listener question from Sachin. She asks:  Why do children like to eat junk food? Glenn answers with the [...]
ep87 w/ Eric The Trainer

Ep 87 Celebrity Fitness w/ Eric The Trainer

For optimal health and fitness, all you need is: Exercise Diet Sleep In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast, Glenn speaks with celebrity physique [...]
free exercise

Ep 86 Free Exercise: How To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day Without Working Out.

If you do not like to workout this episode is for you. Many people hate to exercise. They hate the smell, the sounds, the sights, the expense and/or the [...]
eating disorder

Ep 85 The Real Story of a Disordered Eater [Savannah Couch]

In this moving interview with Savannah Couch, we learn how she developed anorexia and then bulimia nervosa, and overcame it. It all started when she was about [...]
psychology of eating

Ep 84 Weight Loss Starts in The Mind [The Psychology of Eating]

This week, I have the pleasure of speaking with Marc David. He is the founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and an passionate advocate for [...]
Health Claims

Ep 83 Food Packaging Health Claims & Hype

  In this week's episode, Glenn cuts through the nonsense of Food Packaging Hype that are misleading, unsupported or irrelevant. He also gave some [...]
Intuitive eating

Ep 82 Summer’s Coming, Don’t Panic [Be Intuitive]

In this week's episode,  you will learn what it means to be an intuitive eater. Glenn clears out the clutter and explains the categories of weight loss [...]
ep 81 Tons of Fun

Ep 81 – Tons of Fun for a Cause [Live Fit America]

In this episode, we learn the latest health news that you can use to improve or maintain your good health. Also, Glenn starts a new nonprofit [...]
Tanja Shaw

Ep 80 Live Fit & Vibrant w/ Tanja Shaw

                  Tanja Shaw is the host of the Fit & Vibrant You podcast and my guest for this [...]

Ep79 [WWW12] Arthitis, Achilles Tendonitis

      Wednesdays With Will continues with a discussion about Arthritis (osteo & rheumatoid). He will share what causes it and what can [...]