Ep 96 Sugar pt 8: Sugar Series Summary

Ep 96 Sugar pt 8: Sugar Series Summary
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episode 96In this conclusion episode, Glenn summarizes that last 7 episodes about sugar. He covers the basics of what sugar is and how your body treats it; he covers the most dangerous kind of sugar, and why; eating tips to avoid eating sweets, yet still enjoying life; how the government is poisoning its people with artificial sweeteners; and the root cause of addictions.

In this series, he interviewed: Michael Moss, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, David Gillespie, Dr. Janet Hull, and Jennifer Powter.


Ep 89 – what is sugar and how your body responds to it
Sugar is a simple carbohydrate.
Complex carbohydrates break down to glucose also, but take longer to do so, which causes a lower release of insulin.
Insulin is the storage hormone. We cannot store fat without it.
Ep 90 – The most dangerous kind of sugar
The most dangerous kind of sugar will absorb through the gut wall and enter the blood stream very quickly and will be the type of sugar called fructose.
Liquid fructose is the most dangerous kind of sugar.
Ep 91 – Sweet Poison with David Gillespie
In this episode I interviewed a man named David Gillespie who wrote a book called Sweet Poison. This book tells how the body responds to sugar and was even the inspiration and model for the movie That Sugar Film.
David is not a doctor nor a scientist, but he is a corporate lawyer and that gives him the special ability of being very good, and thorough at research. After battling with his weight for decades, he decided to find the answer.
And the answer to his constant and repeated weight gain was sugar. To be more precise, fructose.
He found that fructose is in nearly every kind of sugar: table sugar (sucrose), real maple syrup, honey, HFCS (of course) and highest of all in agave.
David has taken his family completely off fructose, except in the form of whole fruit. They still eat sweets now and then, but they make them at home using glucose (dextrose) – which is the one form of sugar that does not contain fructose.
Ep 92 – Sugar Salt Fat with Michael Moss
Michael Moss is an Pulitzer Prize Winning author from the NY Times and author of the book Salt Sugar Fat. In this interview he explains how the food industry has perfected the “Bliss point” of this trio of ingredients that cause the consumer to not only like their product, but to crave them yet not feel satisfied, so they eat more and more.
When this bliss point is reached, the consumer is practically helpless to stop eating when their body has had enough. The food industry knows this and uses it to their financial advantage.
Moss goes on to explain some of the things he found out while researching for his book.
Ep 93 – Transformation with Jennifer Powter
Jennifer is a Life Coach and Fitness Expert who has years of experience working with women who want to Transform their lives.
She agrees that a diet that includes sugar degrades a person’s health and thwarts weight loss. In this episode she gives “Practical, Tactical” advice to avoid caving in to those sugar cravings.
Ep 94 – Artificial sweeteners (aspartame) with Dr. Janet Hull
Now we turn to what many people do when they want to avoid sugar – sugar substitutes.
In 1991 Dr. Hull began drinking one diet cola a day after work for her hour-long drive home. She didn’t see the harm, after all, it was sugar free. But then she became sick Grave’s disease, and several other physical issues, and her doctor wanted to kill her thyroid. As an environmental toxicologist she wanted to learn the cause and not simply treat the symptoms.
The first thing she did was cut out her diet sodas and aspartame from her diet and she began feeling better shortly after.
And yet aspartame is STILL being added to our foods, drinks and chewing gum today. If you are consuming a sugar free, diet, low calorie product, there is a very high chance it contains aspartame.
Ep 95 – Is sugar the cause of addiction with Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Fuhrman had a lot to say. He wrote the book on reversing heart disease and diabetes, as well as several others that I’m sure you will find fascinating and valuable to your good health.
He says diabetes and heart disease are caused, primarily, by nutritional stupidity and malpractice of the worst kind by your physicians and our government. He says that primary care practitioners are under educated about nutrition and the government is being supported by the companies that profit you buying the very food that is degrading your health.
He has renamed the Standard American Diet, SAD, the Deadly American Diet, DAD and jokingly says it was created by Al Qaeda. and I don’t disagree. It really is a more thorough act of terrorism than a bombing of shooting. The worst part is, the US government supports the slow poisoning of us for the short term profit, and/or it’s inability to stand up to strong lobby groups. And, we are exporting this “fast food, nutrient poor” mentality to other parts of the world.
And then we wonder why diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer rates are skyrocketing.
Dr. Fuhrman talks about addiction and the root cause…
These seven episodes give compelling reasons to remove sugar from your life.
Why do people still consume sugar when they know it is bad for them?
People consume sugar for 4 main reasons
  1. habit – they are used to eating desert, drinking sweet drinks, etc.
  2. taste – they enjoy the sweet taste
  3. energy – simple carbs gives the body quick energy, that later drops lower than before.
  4. Societal pressure – Society makes us fat…
People do what makes them feel good at the time and devalue long-term benefits, or harm.
The Bottom Line
Eat as little sugar as you can, the less the better, and the less you taste sweet, the less you will want it. When you want something sweet, opt for whole, fresh fruit (no fruit juice). Never ingest artificial sweeteners. Stevia does not fit into that category and is not harmful.

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