Ep 86 Free Exercise: How To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day Without Working Out.

Ep 86 Free Exercise: How To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day Without Working Out.
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If you do not like to workout this episode is for you.

Many people hate to exercise.

They hate the smell, the sounds, the sights, the expense and/or the time necessary to stay in shape.

But, all of that is not necessary to keep your body fit and healthy.

If you do not like to workout because it is an ordeal, expensive, not fun, time consuming, painful, or boring, I have a solution for you.

I call it “Free Exercise”

Free Exercise is the term I use for any physical activity that has another purpose – such as walking your dog. The dog needs a walk, and you need to take him for that walk, so you are getting exercise too.

But, it can also be an added physical element to something you are already doing, such as doing calf raises while standing in line at the grocery store or standing up to use the phone instead of sitting.

The idea is to move and use your body a little bit more than you have to. A little bit more than you would normally. Every little bit adds up.

Here are some examples I have, and do myself, for Free Exercise.

  1. Go for a Walk
    • Work or school
    • A store
    • A park/playground
    • Around the block
    • In a new neighborhood
    • After a meal (lunch)
  2. Ride a Bike
    • To work or school
    • A store
    • For fun
  3. Calf raises while waiting in line
  4. Glute flexes while driving or sitting
  5. Take the stairs at every opportunity
  6. At a playground
    • Pull ups, or reverse pull ups/bent arm hang
    • Pushups
    • Climb
    • Run
    • Jump
    • Hang
    • Slide
    • Swing
  7. Take a hike
    • Bird watch
    • Identify plants
    • pick mushrooms
  8. Squats while brushing your teeth
  9. Get up every hour (set a timer)
    • Get a drink of water
    • Go to the restroom
    • Visit a coworker
  10. Walking meeting
  11. Stand up when you are on the phone
  12. Yard work
  13. Playing with your kids or a puppy
  14. Volunteering at an animal shelter
  15. Play a sport
    • Soccer
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Touch football
    • etc.
  16. Get a physical job (manual labor)
  17. Get a treadmill desk
  18. Hold chair pose while you brush your teeth
  19. Stand on one leg while you prepare a meal
  20. Help a friend move


What are some ideas you have?

What do you do to be active without “working out”?

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