Ep 74 – Why I Live Fit (and How You Can Too)

Ep 74 – Why I Live Fit (and How You Can Too)
Live Fit Podcast

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Or What Live Fit Lean Stands For: A Practical & Efficient Approach to Better Health

Yes, I know that sounds boring. But, as I’ve said before, your health should be boring. Because, then you can add the excitement of your choice – hiking, biking, exploring foreign countries, rather than the excitement of a hospital.

Why I Live Fit

My Mission

To empower 1 million people to incorporate good healthy habits into their daily lifestyle. This includes physical activity, smart nutrition, and a mindset toward improving health.


My Philosophy

A practical & efficient approach to better health through smart nutrition, realistic exercise, and a long-range, positive mindset.

Anybody can improve their health – if they truly want to.

Live Fit

At Live Fit, I work to bring you the most up to date research and practical knowledge to help you Live Fit. I use my website with articles and resources, newsletters and podcasts that includes various experts in health, fitness, and wellness.


Live Fit Podcast

The reason I podcast is because I like hearing and learning about the different approaches a person can use to become healthier and the different aspects this can take. (mind, body, nutrition)

There is a myriad of reasons holding a person back from stellar health & fitness today:

  • fear of failure or success
  • failed attempts in the past
  • crabs in a bucket syndrome (the people around them wanting this person to stay down with them)
  • lifestyle habits – friends, work, house mates, etc.
  • medical conditions leading to learned helplessness


Podcast Guests and topics

I choose topics and guests for my podcast based on their expertise in their field. In the 73 previous episodes I’ve had:

  • renown doctors such as: Dr. Edward Abramson who is a well-known behavioral psychologist who has written extensively about emotional eating. I read his book about 10 years ago. When I was putting together the predecessor program that is now Live Fit Classic, I used his book as a resource.
  • Loran Cordain, one of the founding fathers of the paleo diet.
  • I’ve had Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone – the book that changed the course of my career and led me to doing this.
  • I’ve also had guests such as: Timber Hawkeye from Buddhist Boot Camp. an Olympic athlete, a Guinness book of world records attempter, and Canada’s Personal Trainer of the Year.
  • I’ve interviewed experts in: Crossfit, motivation, colonics, holistic nutrition, holistic medicine, life coaching, Pilates, Floatation meditation, hormones, hemp, functional medicine, and the dairy industry.
  • I’ve spoken on topics such as: How to lose belly fat, how to break the sugar habit, how to lose weight, how to increase metabolism, how to set a goal – and stick to it, and how to stay young and vital.
  • I’ve also spoken about: H I I T, hydration and electrolytes, stretching, self-sabotage, Fear, Holidays, metabolic syndrome, and how food can be medicine
  • And then there is Dr. Will Harden who has received an entire series due to his vast knowledge about chiropractic care, the digestive system, and a whole lot more.


The Diet Industry

The diet industry thrives on attracting people to their products. They are excellent at marketing. There is a new something every week to help someone lose weight. And people clamber to it. The thought is that the newest shiny thing will be the magic formula to help them get there – this time.

But, where is there?

  • A perfect body? Or as perfect as it was in HS or college?
  • Good fitness?
  • Good health?
  • Happiness?
  • More money?
  • A spouse?
  • A better job?
  • You name it, the underlying reasons are there


But, and I’m sorry to say:

“Dieters Never Win”

I used to have a sign on my wall in my office which read “dieters never win”.

This put a few people back and they seemed to be a little insulted.

I understand. Because, the one thing the diet industry is successful at doing, is selling HOPE. Everybody who starts a new diet has hope that this one will work. This time I will “lose the weight”.

However, it never seems to work. Does it? Have any of you listening ever been successful at losing the amount of weight you wanted and keeping it off for any length of time say five years or more because of a diet, diet book, or ab roller?

I know people have lost weight on diets. I think it is pretty safe to say that reducing diets work, if followed. But, they don’t work over time.


Because it starts in your mind, not on a book shelf. It has to come from inside you. This is why I give a variety of experts in their field to help you see the light. One never knows what will make that light bulb turn on, but if you keep searching – and not for a diet book – you will find it. But you have to look inside you, not outside.


My Programs

Some of you may be thinking that I’m hypocritical, because I offer two programs that include nutritional and exercise guidance. In other words, a weight management diet.

  1. They are not meant to stand alone, but work in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and mindset.
  2. They are not meant to be a quick fix.
  3. They are also not a program that you ever need to go off of. You can follow them, or their philosophy, indefinitely. In other words, what I offer is guidance and education to healthy eating – not a diet.

In fact, my programs are not strictly reducing diets. They can be used as such. But, they could also be used to gain weight. This is what is meant by weight management.

Instead of starving people, I teach healthy eating and exercise habits. It really is about good habit development. Most people who are out of shape and/or overweight are so because their habits are not steering them toward good health.

This is extremely common. We work too much, play too little, are stressed out, have sedentary jobs and appetizing, delicious tasting foods are everywhere – TV, billboards, radio, the break room, home, and all those restaurants on your drive home. What is a person to do? When the only bit of happiness you have in the day is a cheeseburger on the way home, life builds up.


This is where I come in.

With my coaching, we will look at your nutrition, exercise and mindset and find a practical approach to make the little tweaks in your lifestyle to turn things around.


  • What is available?
  • What can you afford?
  • What is the healthiest food you can afford and obtain?


  • What do you like?
  • What will you do?
  • How much time will you do it?
    • This can be sneaked into your day so it doesn’t take a lot of time, but it will have maximum benefit.


  • Will you succeed?
  • Can you succeed?
  • What’s stopping you?
  • What has stopped you in the past?
  • What is your health worth? A few moments of dissatisfaction or discomfort?
  • Is your health worth more than a moment of pleasure?
  • Are the feelings of failure worse than the feelings of discomfort?
  • Are the feelings of guilt worse than the feeling of discomfort?


For me, momentary enjoyment is not worth the long term pain, guilt, discomfort, and dissatisfaction with my self.

Live Fit can teach you to eat and exercise intuitively. Once you get it, you will have it for life and can go about living your life feeling healthy, fit and free.



This is why I’m here.

This is how you can Live Fit too.

This is how I am helping 1 million people find good health and fitness.

Will you be one of them?

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