Ep 71- [WWW8] Improve Immune Function (plus special guest)

Ep 71- [WWW8] Improve Immune Function (plus special guest)
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ep71In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden explains the benefits of chiropractic care and your immune function. Would you believe that you can clear an ear infection or even clogged sinuses with an adjustment? Listen as Dr. Harden explains why.

Plus, in this episode I have a special guest. My 10 year old daughter is back to update us on her past and present New Year’s Resolutions. Hint: I’m very proud of her.

And, I have new intro and outro music with a special voice actor, Brad Dorsey. I love it.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How chiropractic can improve immune function
  • How the immune system works
  • The number one reason children visit a chiropractor


New Voice Over Artist and Intro Music

As you listen to this episode you may notice that I changed the intro voice and music.

You are hearing the velvety smooth voice of Brad Dorsey.

Brad Dorsey first shared his baritone voice as a teenager to a friend in need who wished to impress his girlfriend with a Valentine’s Day message from Barry White. Later he would be the bass, and baritone for a Top 40 cover band and further along webinars, technical manuals and other commercial jobs.
Brad’s commitment to quality, authenticity, and love of the business shows throughout his body of work. Today he can be found wrestling  the microphone away from his infant son, and writing poetry.

Transcript of this Episode

Glenn: Thank you Brad Dorsey. Brad is my new voice over specialist for my intro and outro. I hope you like it. I first heard his voice and knew I just had to have him on the show. Smooth as velvet. Love it.

Happy New Year

Anyways, happy new year to everybody. This is the first show of 2016. (Laughter) Yey! How you doing? How’s everybody doing so far? I have a great show for you today. First of all, Doctor Will Harden is back to explain the connection between chiropractic care and immune system. Plus, I have a special guest interview with my 10 year old daughter Astrid. (Laughter)

iTunes Review

But first, I’d like to read one of the latest reviews I found on iTunes about the show. This one is from Camarunias. And I quote,

“I appreciate how straight to the point Glenn is with his fitness advice. The guest on the show are interesting and varied enough to get a broad view point. Whenever I am waning in motivation to exercise or make healthy decisions, I can listen to an episode of the Live It Podcast and it helps me get back on track. I recommend the interview with (How Elrod? 2:19) and his book for making ‘A positive move in your personal life.’ Whenever you fall off the bike, just get back on.”


And Camaronias gave me 5 stars. I thank you very much Camaronias for taking the time to write a review and give me some salient points of recognition of what you like specifically about the show. I really appreciate it.

Astrid’s New Years Resolution

Now I’d like to move on to the brief interview with my daughter Astrid as she updates us on her new year’s resolutions. Astrid. (Applause) Sorry I couldn’t resist. Here we go.

So it was about a year ago, you came on the Live It Podcast and told us your new year’s resolution for 2015.

Astrid: Yeah.

Glenn: What were those?

Astrid: My resolutions were to be less shy, to be more responsible, and to eat healthier.

Glenn: And then you came back on the show at the beginning of April to tell us how you were doing so far. How did you do?

Astrid: I did good. I was not as shy. And I think I ate healthier. And I was responsible.

Glenn: So tell us some examples of you being less shy than you would have been had you not made that goal for the year?

Astrid: I looked people in the eye when they were… when they talked and I shook their hand and said “Hi, nice to meet you.”

Glenn: Yeah. Didn’t you run for a student body office?

Astrid: Yes.

Glenn: Very nice.

Astrid: I ran for vice president.

Glenn: Very nice. And you took up a musical instrument.

Astrid: I did, trombone.

Glenn: One that’s not very shy at all. And I would say you’ve been more responsible. And you’ve been eating pretty well when you have a choice. Pretty well. Still some work to do of course.

Astrid: Yeah.

Glenn: You are just a kid.

Astrid: Yeah.

Glenn: So after we had your update on in April, you were moving along perfectly right on track. and then you finished up the year successful right?

Astrid: Uhum.

Glenn: With your new year’s resolutions.

Astrid: Yes.

Glenn: So now you’re here for another one.

Astrid: Yes.

Glenn: So we’re 2016. We’re at the beginning of January. It’s the 4th right now. And Astrid’s gonna make her new year’s resolutions for this year. And what are they?

Astrid: Well, my first one is to runat least twice a week, to eat healthier, to have a good year and to also work on my hand writing and my signature.

Glenn: And to keep that L in the word ‘also.’

Astrid: Yes.

Glenn: (laughter) So what sorts of things are you going to put in place? What sort of measure to put in place to make sure you follow through with all of these things and keep them present in your mind so you don’t forget?

Astrid: Well for the running, I already marked down on my calendar when to run like Saturday and Sunday and maybe Wednesday.

Glenn: Good.

Astrid: And to eat healthier. If people give me a choice like cookies or a candy or something, I can also say no.

Glenn: Oh yeah, you can. That’s right. What if it’s a grandparent who offers you a pile of sugar or a pile of broccoli? “Eat the sugar kid. It’ll be fun. It’s okay. Just this one time. It’s okay. You can do it. Eat the sugar. Go ahead.”

Astrid: Probably not. But I also don’t like broccoli.

Glenn: (laughter) You ate some tonight.

Astrid: No, I didn’t.

Glenn: Ha! You go right back there and clean your plate young lady.

How are you going to work on your hand writing? What’s your method in improving that?

Astrid: Not as sloppy and not as fast, not writing as fast, a lot slower.

Glenn: Are you gonna practice it? Or are you just going to slow down whenever you’re writing?

Astrid: Probably both.

Glenn: So you’re gonna take some time just to sit down work on your writing and your penmanship.

Astrid: Yes.

Glenn: Oh good. Very nice. Okay. Well would you like to come back in April to update us or maybe in the middle of the year?

Astrid: Yeah.

Glenn: June or July tell us how you’re doing.

Astrid: Yup.

Glenn: Okay. Well, we’ll see you again then.

Astrid: Okay.

Glenn: Thank you.

Astrid: Bye.

Glenn: That was my lovely and talented daughter Astrid. So I will bring her back on the show in the middle of the year, June, July, or somewhere near to update you on her progress and keep that whip cracking. Keep her on track anyways. Now let’s get on with ‘Wednesdays with Will’ as Doctor Harden discusses the immune system and how it relates to chiropractic care.

Wednesdays With Will – Immune Function

Will: So today we’re gonna discuss the implications to chiropractic and immune health or immune function. You know there was a time at which the nervous system, it was believed was actually separate from the immune system. In fact the immune system in the early 1900’s was referred to as the humoral nervous system, meaning humoral meaning fluid essentially. That is a distinct entity not under the control of the nervous system. Yet, we have very clearly determined that the nervous system: brain, spinal cord, nerves, ultimately controls all functions in the human body including the immune system.

So in the mid 80’s, there was a really interesting study done. It was actually a study that began at 1984 and lasted 5 years, which demonstrated that after an adjustment of the spine, there is a significant and measurable increase. Bear with me here. I’ll explain what I mean by this. But there was a significant measurable increase level of free radicals inside phagocytes in the human body. So the phagocytes are the type of white blood cells that travel through the system essentially looking for bacteria, viruses cancer cells. And when it encounters them, it phagocytes them. That means it engulfs them, essentially ingest them. And then it bombards them with the negative charge called the free radical. Normally, a free radical is something we think of as a negative entity, something formed in the human body when we exercise really hard or when we’re exposed to toxins. But in the case of free radicals within… more free radicals equals essentially more bullets that are of use in breaking the cell walls of viruses, bacteria, tumor cells.

In other words, when I adjust the spine, there is increased functionality, an increased level of aggressiveness, if you will, within phagocytes – a type of white blood cells that attacks and destroys viruses, bacteria, tumor cells.

How is that even possible? Because it’s not as if white blood cells, phagocytes are hanging out within the spine waiting to be released via an adjustment. Phagocytes do not linger at nerve endings waiting to be stimulated by an adjustment of the spine. The only feasible explanation that of this this phenomenon is found through electron microscopy. An electron microscope is a tool that we used to magnify something not 50 or a hundred times, but 70 to 90 thousand times. And through electron microscopy, it has been demonstrated that projecting into capillaries – remember a capillary is a blood vessel that is so narrow red and a white blood cell has to go through single file. There are nerve endings. And as red and white blood cells pass through capillaries, it has been shown that there are small electrical impulses being transmitted individual nerve endings into individual cells. Do you understand how mind blowing that is? In other words, there’s evidence that the nervous system is literally controlling individual cells. Remember there are not millions or even billions but trillions of blood cells travelling through the cardiovascular system. And there’s evidence that the nervous system is even affecting and controlling those. So that’s one means by which chiropractic effects immune function.

But I think there are really far reaching consequences of an adjustment that we cannot really fully understand. For example, when the cervical spine is adjusted, it promotes a change in alignment which eases muscle difference, bilateral symmetry and muscle tension right versus left-side of neck. And those muscles overlie the lymphatic system which drains the head and neck. So it’s actually very common that someone with sinusitis or a stuffy nose will sit up after an adjustment and say “Oh I can feel my nose clearing. I can feel my sinus is draining.” That’s very common.

In fact, the number one reason why parents bring infants or toddlers to chiropractors across the United States is for middle ear infections. And historically, chiropractic adjustment for a child with an ear infection in one to two adjustments will typically clear ear infections. And I’ve seen it dozens and dozens of times in children with ear infections.

Is it because it’s affecting the drainage of the Eustachian tubes after an adjustment by way of its effect on lymphatics? or is it a result of the stimulation of the phagocytes? My answer is I don’t know and I can’t know. And that almost certainly, cannot be measured as to how that’s working but it does. Other methods by which chiropractic may affect the immune system, well, we know that an adjustment of the spine stimulates brain chemistry changes that promotes feelings of well being. and so maybe just essentially the relaxing and easing of stress have beneficial immune effects. In any case, my friend does knows that if someone calls to cancel an appointment because they’re feeling sick to tell them, “despite what else you might cancel today, the one thing you probably you shouldn’t cancel is an adjustment of your spine if you’re feeling sick” because we know the adjustment does stimulate immunity.

So again, it might be more thorough an answer to the question how does chiropractic effect immune function but it’s involved.


Glenn: That’s fascinating. It’s something I never would have thought of before speaking with you, Will. And I have a question. And it’s a little bit off topic and maybe a little funny. But where did the bone humerus get its name?

Will: (laughter) You got me on that one but I assure you it has a Latin root as do nearly all anatomical structures’ names.

Glenn: Granted. I figured that but since you brought up the humor being a liquid, I’ve thought maybe you would know. And you being a bone doctor and all, I thought you might be able to put those two together.

Will: Well, by god I’m curious now. I’m gonna look that up. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Glenn: Good. I’m glad I stumped you.


Listener Question

Glenn: I have a listener question and we hadn’t talked about this before. But the question was about massage. I know you use massage before your adjustments. And there are clinical or therapeutic massage versus the day spa relaxation massage. Is there a difference? What do you know about it?

Will: well, it kind of is my field because every single patient in my office before an adjustment gets brief deep tissue like a deep tissue massage pre-adjustment and sometimes even post-adjustment. Is there a difference between one style of massage and another? Well, certainly in terms of how it feels. And almost certainly of how a person responds to it. I think a spa massage, which is nice and relaxing and during which you’ve fallen to sleep, is still extremely therapeutic. I’m a really big fan of deep tissue massage because I think it goes further toward promoting physiological change within muscle tissue.

Massage is thought of or historically has been thought of as a luxury. Something that’s done if you’re wealthy and wanna spoil yourself. I don’t see it that way. I think massage has immense therapeutic and clinical benefit having to do with everything from lymphatic drainage to improve circulation to reduction of adhesion or fibrosis within muscle tissue that has incurred injury or has been prone to spasm or is over-trained. For example, as a cyclist. I get massage every 3 weeks. And I have the massage therapist focus on my quads, hams, low back, hip flexors and iliotibial bands. That is the outer thigh tissue because these are so prone to overuse related syndromes inducing knee pain, hip motion restriction or simply chronic pain syndromes. So I think massage is underrated in terms of its therapeutic benefit.

Glenn: Good. Good to hear. If only we can get insurance companies to feel that way.

Will: It’s so true. So true.

Glenn: Alright, Thank you, Will.

Will: Indeed.

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These special Wednesdays With Will episodes are a series with Dr. Will Harden, chiropractor, creator of the Dr. Will Bar,  and health and fitness guru. He will discuss health, fitness, nutrition, and chiropractic issues that have the potential to improve your health and life. Dr. Will Harden has been a chiropractor for 26 years. He graduated first in his class from National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, IL and moved to Portland, OR in 1989 and owns a practice called the Corbett Hill Wellness Center.

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