Ep 64 [WWW4] Benefits of a Periodic Cleanse, Water Weight Loss

Ep 64 [WWW4] Benefits of a Periodic Cleanse, Water Weight Loss
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ep64In this Wednesdays With Will episode, Dr. Harden explains the Benefits of a Periodic Cleanse.

We all absorb toxins. Our body does a pretty good job of eliminating them, but often times not as quickly as we take them in and it can become overwhelmed. Periodic Cleansing can be beneficial in helping the body remove what is harmful, which may have the added benefit in removing pain, inflammation and discomfort.

We are all absorbing more toxins now than humans every have before. These toxins come from processed foods, makeup, car and factory exhaust, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, and even diet soda. It’s not possible to avoid all forms of toxins. When they build up we may notice: fatigue, inflammation, reduced vision, poor sleep, indigestion, food intolerance, allergic-like reactions, etc.

For all these reasons, a detox, or periodic cleanse, can be very beneficial to the body. Dr. Harden recommends the Clear Change 10 Detox Program by Metagenics because it has a chelating agent that will gather the toxins that have been released from fat cells and escorts them harmlessly to the door where they can do no more damage to your body.

One of the biggest problems with a regular cleans is that the toxins are freed from their cozy home in fat cells, but then circulate through the blood stream causing damage in the process. Some will be excreted, but most will be re-stored in fat cells. The chelating agent in the Metagenics product keeps that from happening, and sends the toxins safely out of the body. Doing a periodic cleanse in this manner will keep your body from deteriorating faster than it should and keep you feeling healthy and energetic.

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Will: So Glenn, today in deciding what we would discuss, we decided we might speak on the benefits of periodic cleansing. And if I could be specific about that, I’d say the benefits of periodically detoxifying the body.

It kind of goes like this. We ride bikes; and in the course of doing that, we breathe in cars’ exhaust fumes. And that’s true whether we’re walking downtown or driving with our windows open while stuck in traffic and waiting to cross the street while cars are beside us. But we also consume inevitable additives and preservatives and insecticides and herbicides and we put, let’s say, bug repellent on our skin and we put lotions and moisturizers and potions and shampoos and soaps and we absorbed a degree of chlorine through water right through our skin; overtime, we cannot avoid the ingestion or the absorption of toxins. And I think it is a very safe assumption to say that most people are somewhat toxic. And by that, I mean when we take those things in, they circulate through the bloodstream and they are essentially deposited primarily within fatty tissue. Remember, even if you’re not fat, you still have fatty tissue in your brain, around the organs, your abdominal organs, and all of us have a degree of fatty tissue underneath the skin. And so we store those toxins. And when we hit a critical mass and I would postulate that in this day and age with the extent of our potential exposure to toxins, we all hit a critical mass. Then those toxins are slowly leaking out of storage in to the bloodstream at which point they circulate and they affect us. That doesn’t mean that we are blatantly aware of feeling toxic. I mean we may be tired. We might have more inflammation than one might expect that would manifest as low-grade joint pains or achiness, muscle tension, frequent muscle cramping. But toxicity might cause mild loss of visual acuity, tendency for tiredness, poor sleep, digestive upset, intolerance of foods that we use to handle more readily, worsening of allergies or auto-immune symptoms. It’s endless what toxicity might do to us symptomatically.


So a detox, a cleanse, periodically is extremely wise and very, very helpful. So having just completed a detox I’m especially inclined to discuss that. So a detox is when you consume something that acts as a chelator. A chelator is anything that grabs a hold of stored toxins and mobilizes them while also consuming something that aids what’s called conjugation in the liver. So conjugation in the liver is also known as phase two detoxification. Phase one detoxification occurring in the GI tract before that what you eat is even absorbed. So phase two conjugation or phase two detoxification is conjugation. It’s when a circulating toxin is grabbed a hold of and altered in the liver to make it excretable without adequate conjugation a toxin will tend to circulate right through the liver without being broken down or made excretable and then it will re-enter either storage or it continues circulating potentially manifesting problems.

The Cleanse

So a cleanse is when for 10 days, you avoid all toxins in the form of dietary exposure. In other words, you essentially follow a guideline whereby you’re avoiding red meats, dairy, gluten, eggs, peanut butter, anything to which someone might tend to have some degree of allergic symptoms or which might be difficult to digest. While doing this, you’re also avoiding indulgence of a sweet-tooth, alcohol. And so for some people, it’s a daunting task. They say, “Oh I couldn’t possibly do that for 10 days.” And yet if you’re following a guideline, a book if you will, day 1, do this; day 2, do this, through 10 days; it’s remarkable how compliant a person generally turns out to be. And usually by the second or third day… And I’m not sure if you’re psyched to be doing it or simply because of immediate physiological changes but most people stop craving alcohol. They stop craving sweets and junk foods.


So the idea is to eat for example for the first couple days, maybe oatmeal and fruit for breakfast; a snack of a chelating shake and tablets that aid liver’s ability to conjugate; and then at lunch of vegetables and beans or vegetables and fish; an afternoon snack of veggies or fruits and perhaps depending on which day you’re on the use of another one of these shakes; then at dinner time, fish and veggies. By the third or fourth day, you begin consuming more of the chelating agents, reducing your consumption of fruits, sticking primarily to vegetables and fish. And the truth is, by the end of those 10 days, all I really was craving was veggies or veggies with homemade hummus. But typically by day 7 to 10, most people who do a detox – and the more toxic you are, the more likely this is true – will say, “Oh my gosh my energy level is so much higher. I’m not craving all those things I usually over-indulged in. I’m sleeping better. My GI system is so much stable and regular.” In other words, a lot of people realize kind of metamorphosis of their health picture by doing a cleanse.

When to Cleanse

So the idea of a cleanse is if only once a year. And I consider fall an ideal time to do this maybe because you’re activity level is changing and you’re about to go into a more sedentary season, maybe we would say because it’s likely that your diet is about to change that in the winter time, we tend to seek more comfort foods. We have a reduced level of activity. And therefore, a full detox is a really good way to kick start that winter-fall holiday season when you’re likely to be exposed to less healthy dietary intake.

So I’m a huge advocate of a periodic cleanse, the one that I’m presently using with patients is called ultra cleaner. It’s made by a company called Metagenics whose products are extremely high quality. They do more research and development than any vitamin or nutritional company in the world. I really love their products.

Listener Questions

Lisa, from Portland OR, asked: “I recently started drinking a gallon of water every day. After the first four days I lost almost 5 pounds of body weight. I know this wasn’t fat that I lost, but what did I lose? I should have gained weight from all this water. What do you think?”



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Glenn: I have a listener question for you now. This is from Lisa in Portland, Oregon. She said “I started drinking a gallon of water a day. Since that time about a week ago, I lost about 4 and a half pounds. What’s going on with the four and a half pound loss? I’m smart enough to know its not fat weight. But I hope you can shed some light on this. Please feel free to share it on your podcast.”

Will: Wow. Okay. Start drinking a gallon of water a day and within days, lost four and a half pounds. I cannot say that there’s anything directly about water that is likely to cause someone to lose weight but I can postulate that one of a few things has occurred by consuming more water. One is consider hydration critically important for many, many functions in the body. Everything from maintaining a proper fluid volume in the circulatory system and therefore, maintaining adequate blood pressure and heart rate; therefore, improves oxygenation of brain and tissues. So one possibility is that by assuasing any dehydration that may have existed, it might simply be increasing oxygenation of body tissues and therefore, metabolism. In other words, suddenly affecting basal metabolic rate. I do not believe that increasing water consumption increase basal metabolic rate to the extent that it cause loss of fat and burning of calories to such an extent that one would lose that much weight.

So next possibility, it’s possible that if Lisa was showing some degree of dehydration before significantly increasing hydration or water consumption, it’s possible that it literally hydrated bowel contents to the extent that it facilitated an alleviation of bowel sluggishness, therefore, increase eliminating of – sorry, not to be overly descriptive – but perhaps it facilitated some drainage of accumulated fecal material in the bowel. And thus, weight loss.

Other possibility is the obvious one which would be when you consume more water, you’re filling your stomach more. Therefore, you’re suppressing the appetite and any weight watchers or similar weight loss program will say it is critically important to consume more water if only to quell the appetite by stimulating sensations of the stomach. So again, I don’t think that would explain such rapid weight loss in a short period of time.

And then the last possible explanation would be that by consuming more water, you are enhancing renal function and filtration. And therefore, you’re actually stimulating renal elimination of extra cellular fluids. And so it’s a possibility that that was in fact water weight ironically by virtue of increasing water consumption.

So it’s either improving renal elimination of extracellular water weight; two, it eliminated weight by virtue of bowel efficiency; three, suddenly improve metabolic, basal metabolic rate, by virtue of improve oxygenation of muscles, brain tissues. And I think that’s only reasonable physiological potential explanations.

Glenn: Thanks Will. That’s good. When that question came in, I was trying to answer it myself. I was along the same lines of what you were thinking but I wasn’t to put it quite so eloquently so thank you for that.

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