Ep 60 – The Blood Type Diet [with Shelby Webb]

Ep 60 – The Blood Type Diet [with Shelby Webb]
Live Fit Podcast

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Shelby Webb | Blood Type Diet | Live Fit Podcast

What is your blood type?

Knowing this will allow you to successfully follow the Blood Type Diet.

Shelby Webb is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant who found that eating right for her blood type allowed her to lose excess body weight, normalize her hormones, and feel healthy and fit again.

The Blood Type Diet is not usually considered extreme, but it will restrict a person’s eating to what is prescribed by the book written by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. The diet suggests that a person should eat based on their evolutionary design and that can be determined by a person’s blood type. Shelby explains it well in the interview, but a sneak peek will show that some people were designed to eat meat, while others were designed to eat plants. To know what you should be eating based on millennia of evolution, you should either listen to this episode, or read the book (link below).



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