Ep 53 – Diets Don’t Work [with] Traci Mann

Ep 53 – Diets Don’t Work [with] Traci Mann
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Dr. Traci Mann (photo: Richard Wadey-James)

“Diets Don’t Work”

Dr. Traci Mann has researched the ability of weight loss diets to do what they promise and found some surprising results – they don’t work. More specifically, they do not help a person keep the weight off over time.

In this interview with University of Minnesota professor Traci Mann, she tells us the premise of her book, why Diets Don’t Work in “Secrets From The Eating Lab“, and why she is uniquely qualified to write this unbiased book.

In this interview, Dr. Mann tells us:

  • Her strategies to lose, and maintain, body weight
  • Why willpower doesn’t work
  • Why dieting is worse for you than doing nothing
  • The power of an “implementation intention”
  • That “Calories in – Calories out” is a myth
  • Comfort foods are not comforting, and
  • Diet soda is worse for you than the sugar versions
  • “Veggies first”


Secrets from the Eating Lab, Traci Mann


  • Veggies First – How to Stride Ahead, Part 2 (Part 1 is her buying the vegetables.) She describes it this way: “It’s a depiction of the nuts and bolts of roasting vegetables for the week, all at once, which is a much more efficient process than you’d think.”
  • Traci’s website
  • Traci’s book explaining why Diets Don’t Work – “Secrets from the Eating Lab


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