Ep 46 – Fit at Every Age with Levi Query

Ep 46 – Fit at Every Age with Levi Query
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Levi Query, Fit at Every Age“Take action, then relax, laugh, and enjoy life.” ~Levi Query

There are not very many people as fit as Levi Query when they turn 70 years old. But, Query has shown that you can truly be fit at every age.

She was not an athlete or interested in fitness at all until her father had a stroke and she read Aerobics, by Kenneth Cooper. This book recommended running a mile a day to improve health, fitness and relieve stress at every age. So she did. At the age of 22 she began running one mile a day and hasn’t stopped.

After 10 years, she decided she needed more so she trained for, and then, ran the first of more than 60 Marathons – her best time is 2:56! She has also completed numerous Cycle Oregon bike rides and teaches and takes a variety of fitness classes on a weekly basis.

Query is the department chair for Physical Education and Dance at Portland Community College Nate Query - The Decemberists(Cascade Campus), the mother of two boys, one of which is Nate Query, the bassist for the band The Decemberists.

Levi Query is a role model and proof that a person can be fit at any, and every, age. She has inspired thousands of students over the years. She is beloved, copied and quoted. She is helpful and empathetic, but helps her students stand on their own. She is understanding, but will not accept excuses. She gives all of her students a copy of Levi’s Laws, Principles to Live Fit and for those with a perfect attendance record, a prize.

Download Your Copy of Levi’s Laws NOW.

Levi's Laws - Principles to Live Fit
Levi's Laws, 7 principles to help you Live Fit for Life.

“When life gets hard, work hard and workout harder.” ~Levi Query

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