Ep. 40 – When Life Gives You Lemons: A Story of Inspiration

Ep. 40 – When Life Gives You Lemons: A Story of Inspiration
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Inspiration: Tara Bell Lives FitWhen life gives you lemons, Tara Bell Betts knows how to squash them to make lemonade. She is an amazing person. Tara went through some very difficult life events that tried to squash her. Instead, she became an inspiration.

With the help of a dog, friends, family and a new eating and exercise plan, Tara not only survived, but she excelled. She can truly say, when life gives you lemons, squash them and make lemon aid.

I first heard about Tara through my wife who knew her growing up. Over the last several months Tara has been posting very inspiring stories on Facebook. She had been in an emotionally low place as a shut in, with PTSD and the stress of having a child with physical and mental disabilities compounded it.

In January she began to turn her life around. She joined a weight loss group and a gym and started losing weight and growing stronger. She then started eating strict paleo and joined a Crossfit gym. To date she has lost 70lbs (this is including the muscle she has gained. So, her fat loss is probably about 90lbs !), she is running and competing in obstacle course races and has bigger plans for her body in the future. She turned 40 this year and said it is the best year of her life, so far. But she’s not finished living.

Her life has only just begun.

Below Are Two of Her Inspirational Facebook Posts:

This is one of those selfies where you look so good, you can’t believe it’s really you [referring to the photo comparison above.]
Bwahahahaha, I’m only kidding, this post is really about gratitude. It’s a love letter of sorts
As most of you know, I was in a really dark place for a really long time. My life came to a standstill on November 6th 2010. That was the day our search and rescue party found Sabrina Patterson in the woods. It changed my life in many ways.
I won’t get into the particulars but the words “stopped living” pretty much sums it up nicely. After three years of “stopped living”, I found inspiration in an unlikely source, met a kindred spirit who restored my faith that there were still good people left in the world and thus began my journey to reclaim my life.
Eight months ago, I changed my entire relationship with food and stopped eating the crap that was keeping me fat and making me feel terrible….and I didn’t even realize it. I started following a Paleo diet and cut out all dairy, grain, sugar and processed food. Then I joined a gym and started going to Zumba classes and occasionally lifting weights. But the real changes started in my body when I joined CrossFit and was introduced to this community of inspirational people I had no idea even existed.
I’m not going to lie and tell you that CrossFit is easy. Because it’s not. After the first prep class, I couldn’t walk for two days and seriously wondered whether I’d made a mistake by joining. But I was determined to see it through and I’m so glad I did because while CrossFit is challenging, it’s so WORTH IT for the changes that occur within you mentally and physically.
For those of you struggling right now, I thank you for your messages. I want you to know that I’ve been there and know that there is a way out of that hole. You are stronger than you think and have everything you need inside you to take that first step and climb out!
Thank you beautiful, strong men and women of CrossFit Moncton. I am inspired by you every single time I step into the gym. You motivate me to be better. You are my inspiration. Thank you.
She also posted her vital signs to show how much her health is improving because of her improved lifestyle habits.
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
That’s the only word for it!
I have not had a resting heart rate below 100 in over 10 years. My diastolic was routinely over 90.
I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Maybe a bit of both. I’m so happy
My blood pressure is OPTIMAL. Did you see that?!? Optimal.
Thank you so much Kevin Wood and all you wonderful trainers and beautiful CrossFit Community of CrossFit Moncton
Tara is still going strong and has greater physical challenges in her future. Thanks for inspiring us.
I wish you the best of luck, Tara.

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 Tara, you are my inspiration. Though I was not a part of your transformation, there are others out there who need to know that they can do it too.


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