Ep 23 – Life Coach and Ethicist, Olive Gallagher [Interview]

Ep 23 – Life Coach and Ethicist, Olive Gallagher [Interview]
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Live Fit : Olive Gallagher

Life Coach and Ethicist, Olive Gallagher of The Inner Bottom Line

I often use the term “the bottom line” at the bottom of something I write as a way summarize what I had said. Olive uses it in a similar manner, to determine what is a person’s true motivations for what they find important. That is the bottom line. She has a way of getting to the nitty-gritty, and helping her clients see past the clutter in their mind and focus on the bottom line.

Gallagher is a life coach and ethicist who has remarkable insight into what makes a person tick – and how they can make the important decisions in their life that are needed for weight loss, improved career, better marriage, etc. She focuses on values and choices, personal accountability, boundaries, and responsible power.

She blew my mind with your sage insight and ability to break mental blocks.

If you have been striving for any kind of personal or physical improvement and just can’t seem to put all the pieces in place, then listen to this podcast.  You just might benefit from a life coach and ethicist in your life. Gallagher will certainly open your horizons and most likely help you break through.

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