Ep 2 – What is Crossfit and Is It Right For You?

Ep 2 – What is Crossfit and Is It Right For You?
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Live Fit | What is Crossfit with Bridget Raach

What is Crossfit with Bridget Raach

What is Crossfit and Is It Right For You?

In this episode, I interview Bridget Raach. She is a Crossfit coach at Crossfit Fort Vancouver, an Olympic Lifting coach, and community college instructor.

I originally met Bridget where we both worked at a corporate fitness center. I found her to be friendly, professional and very knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology and most forms of exercise and kinesiology. A year or so later she was one of three member of my crew while I competed in Race Across Oregon, solo. My crew was responsible for doing whatever it took to help me ride my bicycle 535 miles with minimal stopping. Bridget’s experience in athletics gave her an edge with understanding what I was going through which gave her the ability to help me before I knew I needed it. She anticipated my needs. A very strong quality in a coach or crew.

This ability is what makes her a great coach in Crossfit and weightlifting. She can get into the athlete’s head and body and tell or show them what they need to do to improve. B-Raach (“B-Rock”), as IO l;ike to call her,  is excellent at this.

For these reasons, it was my honor to have “B-Rock” as my first guest on the Live Fit Podcast. You will hear her explain what is crossfit, why she likes it so much and why it is a valuable tool for anybodies fitness.

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