Ep 17 – Atlas Race, How Founder, Went from Fat to Fit

Ep 17 – Atlas Race, How Founder, Went from Fat to Fit
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Live Fit | Atlas RaceIn this interview I talk with Lance Landers, the founder of Atlas Race (a running obstacle course race) and a fitness convert.

I met Lance at a weekend retreat where he was the guest speaker and told an incredibly inspirational story that I really wanted him to share with you. He told us how his fitness went from fit and healthy to gradually degrading with inactivity and then the epiphany that lead him to create Atlas Race.


He was a typical active and healthy kid, until he was diagnosed, and treated for ADHD and ADD in 7th grade. Then, due to the medication he was given, his desire to be active plummeted and he began putting on body fat. His weight gain continued until he was 155 lbs overweight and suffered from a string of ailments such as: Sleep apnea, , high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, high liver enzymes, diminishing vision and hair loss.
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He was very successful in his marketing job making mid-six figures and paying the price with his health. He had tried every diet imaginable and lost 20 pounds only to gain it back again, plus 10. He wanted gastric bypass, but was denied. He had an epiphany moment at a meeting one day and decided to do something drastic. He quit his job and made his health his number one priority.

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The Quest

He began his quest for weight loss first with diet and found that he had been eating about 3 times more than he should have been. While he was improving his diet, he increased his physical activity by chasing his toddler around the house.
Live Fit : Big Lance Landers


Before and After photos of Landers.

He found fitness.


Live Fit : Lance Landers, fit


 In this podcast, Landers will explain:

  • What his life was like leading up to his breaking point
  • What his epiphany moment was
  • What he did to bring his health back, and
  • How his obstacle Race was born

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