Ep 140 Believe yourself thin with the Mindset Answer Man, Cliff Ravenscraft

Ep 140 Believe yourself thin with the Mindset Answer Man, Cliff Ravenscraft
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Cliff Ravenscraft

I had Cliff Ravenscraft on the Live Fit Podcast back in February of 2016 on episode 76 “Free From the Tyranny of the Scale”. Since that time, he’s stuck to his commitment of exercising six days a week, eating healthfully (most of the time), and maintaining his good health mindset.

About five years ago, Cliff had a health scare that lead to him adjusting his belief system. Through study, prayer, and support, he was able to change his lifestyle and thought process to be health-minded. This meant he had to change the way he thought of food, physical activity and even, himself.

On November 14, 2014 Cliff made a commitment to himself to live in a way that is respectful and healthy to the body. This included finding balance between work, family, fun, and other commitments. Because his is a man of integrity, he had little trouble sticking to his plan, yet his mind still wasn’t quite made up. Since that day in 2014 when he made this commitment, he’s drifted a little, but always returned to his anchor of wanting to make his body healthier so he can live a long vibrant life for him and his family.

Over the course of the last five years, Cliff has discovered that he had a set of beliefs that were holding him back. He had to change these beliefs in order to move forward to his good life.

  • Thought of himself as a man who lost 72 lbs (“I’m a 272 man who lost 72 lbs”)
  • All or nothing – either he would follow my plan 100% or 0%
  • That he would gain the weight back
  • The last 10 lbs are the hardest

In order to make lasting changes to his health, he had to make permanent changes to his beliefs. He believed:

  • Be a man of integrity (and do what I say I will do)
  • My identity is someone who exercises 6 days a week
  • I put healthy foods in my body so my body will be healthy

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • All beliefs have consequences
  • Your beliefs determine you actions
  • Why beliefs will hold us back or allow us to soar
  • You can make your beliefs work for you be sustainable and allow you to live your life in balance
  • What you believe to be true, is true
  • The power of a mentor
  • What Muscular Christianity is
  • The easiest thing a person can do is to live according to their beliefs

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