Ep 138 How Cookies Transformed My Life w/ Jon O’Keeffe

Ep 138 How Cookies Transformed My Life w/ Jon O’Keeffe
Live Fit Podcast

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Jon O’Keefe was unhappy, stressed out, gaining weight, felt bloated and doughy – and didn’t really realize it. Then he hit rock bottom when half of his face froze with Bell’s palsy and he started his wake up.

Jon was a co-owner of a boutique bakery in Camas a small town in Southwest Washington. He realized his good health as drifting away, but was too wrapped up in the daily grind to give it much thought. He was getting very little sleep, very little personal time, and very little satisfaction with his life.

He Woke up.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • What made Jon hit rock bottom
  • What woke him up
  • What steps he took to change the direction of his health from downhill to uphill.
  • What cookies did for him
  • Why his cookies are so great
  • Where you can find his cookies
woke cookie company

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