Ep 131 The Stages of Change w/ Dr. Prochaska

Ep 131 The Stages of Change w/ Dr. Prochaska
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Doctors Jan & Jim ProchaskaToday’s guest is none other than the behavior change gurus Dr James Prochaska and his wife Dr Janice Prochaska.
In 1977, Jim Prochaska, Carlo DiClemente and colleagues developed the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change based on analysis and use of different theories of psychotherapy. Since that time, Jim has written 3 books and countless articles on the subject of behavior change.
The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, also known as The Stages of Change, has been the foundational model for coaches, trainers, councilors and the like to help people change damaging behaviors to healthy behaviors.
This is the model that people in the behavior change industry use on a daily basis. ​The interesting thing is, you have all been through these stages of change – possibly without knowing it.
The Stages of Change are:
  • Precontemplation – want to change, but don’t intend to in the near future,
  • Cont​emplation – pros to change have increased, but they still have deep doubt that they can change. When in doubt, don’t act.
  • Preparation – ready to take immediate action. Preparing to take action. Works best when using a trained coach to help make a strong plan and support to stick with it,
  • Action – as it sounds, you are currently taking action,
  • Maintenance – monitoring your progress and being cautious of slipping backward, and
  • Termination – You did it, behavior change is completely ingrained and requires very little (if any) attention. Total confidence.
If you are not a behavior change professional you may think knowing this is meaningless. Yet, knowing how behavior change works can help you control it and avoid being demoralized when your desire for change doesn’t go as smoothly as making a piece of toast in the morning.
Most people have at least one behavior they would like to change. In this episode, the Prochaskas will share how you can use this information to live your life healthy, fit, and free.

The Prochaska motto:

“Where  ever you’r at, we can work with that”

Change Make - Stages of Change
In their new book, they use the Principles of Progress to help guide a person through the change process.

Principles of Progress:

  1. increase your pros
  2. Increase your consciousness
  3. use dramatic relief
  4. Decrease your cons
  5. Use environmental reevaluation
  6. Use self reevaluation
  7. Make a commitment to a better life
  8. Counter conditioning to use substitutes for unhealthy habits
  9. Reinforce your progress by using rewards
  10. Foster helping relationships with support
  11. Increase personal freedom through social liberation
  12. Practice stimulus control to manage your environment to make healthy habits automatic


In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Which vitamins a healthy person needs to stay healthy
  • Which type of fish oil you should take
  • Where to find Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Who should take vitamin D
  • How to avoid wasting your money on worthless supplements

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