Ep 128 The Original Female Biohacker Lane Kennedy

Ep 128 The Original Female Biohacker Lane Kennedy
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Lane KennedyLane Kennedy is known as the “Original Female Biohacker”. This is because, 20 years ago she was unhappy with the way Western medicine was treating her and she became her own advocate and researcher.

In long term recovery, when she was experiencing unbearable back pain, she did not look to the typical opioid medications as a solution. She took care of her body and mind with yoga and meditation, which helped tremendously, yet, she was still in pain. Until one day a friend of hers gave her a bottle of CBD oil. She was wary and was afraid it would trigger her addictions again.​ So she thought about it for a couple days and then decided to give it a try.Her mind was blown, her pain was gone and she could sleep through the night. CBD did the trick.

Lane is ​a proponent of taking care of your mind and body first, before looking to the outside for help. Mindfullness is a part of her daily practice and the basis on how she helps others live as fit and healthy as possible.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • What a biohacker is
  • What CBD is and how it helped Lane Kennedy
  • How mindfulness can improve your health and life.
  • How Western medicine let her down
  • The value of stopping, listening to your body and giving it what it needs.

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