Ep 12 – Caralyn Dea, Nutrition Educator, Chocolate Taster, Entrepreneur, Adventurer

Ep 12 – Caralyn Dea, Nutrition Educator, Chocolate Taster, Entrepreneur, Adventurer
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Live Fit : Caralyn Dea, Nutrition Educator, Entrepreneur, Adventurer

Caralyn Dea

Nutrition Educator, Entrepreneur, Adventurer

In this episode of the Live Fit Podcast, I interview my Australian cousin, Caralyn Dea. She talks about her adventures as a chocolate taster while working for Nestle, opening and rapidly growing a juice bar franchise, leaving it all to work as a camp counselor for special needs children in Texas, and then returning to her roots in Australia as a nutrition educator, where she was recently voted Teacher of the Year.

I think you will find Caralyn’s common sense approach to health and fitness refreshing.

Among other things, she will tell us how much weight she gained while working in the chocolate factory, the health attitudes of Australia, her secrets for maintaining her current weight, how she motivates herself to exercise and some of the stories from her experience on a ranch in Texas.


Caralyn has several guest articles on my blog:

Listen to this episode here:

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