Ep 109 Willpower vs Character w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston

Ep 109 Willpower vs Character w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston
Live Fit Podcast

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Dr. Glenn Livingston
I first spoke to Dr. Glenn Livingston about six months ago on LiveFitPodcast episode 103. He has a different approach to overcoming binge eating. An approach, that he says, is not widely accepted by many of his peers. However, his approach works. It worked for him and it has worked for thousands of others.
In this episode, Dr. Livingston digs in a little deeper about how you can overcome binge eating, over eating and a dependence on food to solve emotional needs. Food is not simply fuel for many people. It has cultural ties, it’s used as a common topic and activity to bring people together and socialize. It can be interesting, challenging and adventurous. However, when it is used for emotional reasons, it usually causes health problems. For this reason, learning to take control can save your physical health and ease your emotional stress.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Why you can’t “Love Yourself Thin”
  • That knowing why you overeat doesn’t matter
  • Why a “winning” attitude will help you lose weight
  • Which is more important, Character or Willpower
  • How failure leads to more failure
  • The type of language to use with yourself
  • What is at the heart of weight gain – and ergo, weight loss
  • Why Glenn will not eat French fries two days in a row
  • What is means if you like to binge on: Salty foods, Starchy foods, or chocolate


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