Ep 102 Hack Your Fitness w/ Jay Kim

Ep 102 Hack Your Fitness w/ Jay Kim
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Ep 102 Jay KimJay Kim is a self proclaimed desk jockey in the financial industry.
He spent his first two years after collage trying to make a name for himself in his new career by working too many hours and having too many drinks in the evening entertaining his clients and eating whatever he wanted – because he deserved it.
As you can imagine, this caught up with him. One summer, he decided to get in shape. He set out on, what he called, “the summer of sweat”  and pushed his body to the max at work, the gym and in the night clubs on almost a daily basis.
This wasn’t the answer he was looking for. He found out that you can’t out run a poor diet and lifestyle. He learned the hard way, and then sought answers to what he would have to do to achieve the health and fitness he craved.
With his research, trial and error and dedication to the cause, a blog was born, and now a book “Hack Your Fitness“.
Now he works with world-class athletes and other high performers to help them achieve the fitness results they need.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • What the Summer of Sweat was
  • What life-changing thing his wife said to him
  • What the book: “Burn the fat, feed the muscle”  by Tom Venuto means to Jay.
  • How Jay’s program compares to Jonathan Bailor’s “The Calorie Myth
Twitter: @jaykimmer
Giveaway:  Download your free guide to understanding diet and exercise. Get started with hacking your fitness. You can download it on the homepage of Jay’s site — http://hackyour.fitness

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