Ep 101 Stem Cell Treatment for Natural Healing w/ Dr. Joanne Halbrecht

Ep 101 Stem Cell Treatment for Natural Healing w/ Dr. Joanne Halbrecht
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ep 101 Dr. HalbrechtIn this episode, Dr. Joanne Halbrecht shares with us the amazing results she has had through treating her patients with stem cells.
She uses her patients’ own stem cells to stimulate the body to grow certain tissues. As an orthopedic surgeon, her specialty is joint repair. With the help of stem cells, she can help the body regenerate meniscus and cartilage on the ends of bones. This is great news for people with arthritis and meniscus tears.
If you don’t have any joint damage, don’t worry, Dr. Halbrecht gives us tips on how you can prevent it.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • What stem cells are
  • How stem cells are used to repair joints
  • How effective stem cells are at tissue repair
  • How to prevent joint injuries
  • What “Boomeritis” is
A Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Fellowship trained in Sports Medicine, with an undergraduate degree in Engineering, Dr. Joanne Halbrecht brings 20 years of experience and unique insights into biomechanics to her acclaimed medical practice. Combining cutting edge new technologies, including stem cell treatment, with focused, personalized care, Dr. Halbrecht’s mission is to truly understand the individual patient and address everybody’s specific needs.
A specialist in the conservative and operative treatment of sports injuries, Dr. Halbrecht has been recognized for her expertise in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, and has taught courses in knee and shoulder arthroscopy to orthopedic surgeons from around the world at the Orthopedic Learning Center in Chicago.
Dr. Halbrecht developed her love of biomechanics early on appreciating the melding of science and mathematics. She is known in the medical community as an innovative physician who thinks outside of traditional treatments and practices to formulate the most effective protocols to truly maximize patient recovery. A firm believer in the extraordinary power of stem cell therapy, Dr. Halbrecht is leading the charge to overcome misconceptions and barriers of this remarkable advance, utilizing stem cells in her treatments and educating people of the benefits.
Dr. Halbrecht has been published in numerous orthopedic journals, sharing her vision for orthopedics with the medical community, and treats patients from around the world who visit her practice for her rare approach to orthopedic medicine, sports injury, and overall wellness. Additionally, she has utilized her degree in engineering to consultant for orthopedic product design and development. 
A graduate of New York Medical College, Dr. Halbrecht completed her residency in Orthopedic Surgery at Albert Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center in New York then completed her fellowship in Sports Medicine at the Institute for Bone & Joint Disorders in Phoenix, Arizona.
Dr. Halbrecht is available for interviews and expert commentary on topics including facts, fiction and the future of musculoskeletal stem cell therapy, conservative and operative treatment of sports injuries, avoiding shoulder surgery with rehabilitation and use of a posture garment, recommended activities to stay in shape and avoid injury to aging joints, proper nutrition to decrease inflammation and lose weight and balancing work and family life while running a medical practice as a sole business owner and single mother.
For more information on Dr. Joanne Halbrecht, please visit http://www.boulderinstitute.com.

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