Ep 1 – Introduction to The Live Fit Podcast

Ep 1 – Introduction to The Live Fit Podcast
Live Fit Podcast

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Welcome to the Live Fit PoLive Fit | Glenn Johnsondcast.

In this first episode, I give my history and experience as it pertains to blogging, podcasting and most importantly health, nutrition, fitness, and weight management.

In brief, my professional bio looks like this:

  • Master’s in Kinesiology from Long Beach State
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from CSU Chico
  • Personal Training certifications from ISSA and ACE
  • Nutrition Consultant certification from ISSA
  • Co-founder of weight management and health improvement program in 2009
  • College and University Instructor in Health, Fitness and Nutrition since 2006
  • US Navy
  • Wildland Fire Fighter for US Forest Service
  • Amateur bicycle racer

Aside from my education, in this first episode I tell you my reasons for starting Live Fit and the Live Fit Podcast. You can learn more about me by following this link to My Story. It is a slightly different take on it. But it is also good if you want to read more. Consider the My Story page to part of the show notes for Episode 1 of the Live Fit Podcast.

I’d like to thank Paul Modiano for contributing the opening and closing music called Maiden America, and for his smooth voice in the introduction.

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