Life-Changing Health Benefits of Coffee


Most people, whether you are a gym junkie or prefer the company of your couch, start the day by drinking their favorite type of coffee. But did you actually know that drinking a cup of coffee has many surprising benefits that can improve your overall health and quality of life? Yes, drinking coffee with the combination of healthy practices, such as regular sleep and exercise, can have several benefits will lead you to a more fit, healthy, and productive life.

Health benefits of coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. Whether you prefer it hot, warm, or cold, drinking a cup of coffee a day can improve your overall health. First, coffee has been shown to improve mood and cognitive function which is why many people use it in the morning to help wake them to get through a work day.

Coffee can also boost your metabolism and help improve your daily workouts. Not only does it boost athletic performance, but it may also help you burn fat, thereby lowering your risk of obesity. Drinking coffee also has several long-term benefits. Drinking your cup of Joe each day can help fight off heart disease, dementia and depression. Although the benefits are abundant, coffee has its limits and must be coupled with a combination of exercise and healthy sleep habits.

Importance of exercise and sleep

Although coffee is an important addition to your health routine, it is also important to get enough exercise and sleep. If you happen to drink too much coffee and end up with insomnia, inadequate sleep can be detrimental to your fitness routine. This is because on too little sleep, your body and metabolism are not operating at their optimal level to maximize training and burn fat effectively.

Exercise is also important in order to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Not only will it help you maintain a healthy body weight, it also has aerobic benefits and releases endorphins that help improve your mood and will just make you feel better. It will also help fight off depression and other mental diseases.

Coffee and Timing

Coffee can help improve workouts but it is important to consider the time of day or your workouts. If you work out at night, drinking a cup of coffee may cause insomnia. A sleepless night is definitely not good for your health and fitness. A better idea is to try to avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon or evening and to schedule your workouts in the morning so that your coffee consumption will not interfere with obtaining proper sleep each night.

Adding coffee can help but only in moderation. It is also important to note that both cold and hot coffee has equal benefits but the temperature of coffee should depend on personal preference, brewing method and the type of coffee itself. Coffee should range in temperature between 155-175 degrees. You should always allow it to cool to a temperature you can tolerate to avoid hurting yourself or burning your tongue.


So now that you know coffee can help improve the quality of your life, the key to feeling healthy is fit is to combine coffee with healthy habits. Diet and exercise are key ingredients for leading a healthy lifestyle. Combining coffee with sleep and exercise sleep maximize health benefits. This combination will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best, which is why we choose to work out in the first place.

SarahBio: Sarah started We Dream of Coffee because she believes that more people should learn more about the benefits of coffee on the mind and body.








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