How To Keep Your Lungs Healthy Through Simple Habits

Lungs are the vital organs that you can’t live without. They process the oxygen that each cell of your body craves for every moment. Even if they stop functioning for a minute, you’ll die. So, it’s mandatory to keep them healthy throughout your life. However, increased environmental pollution, bad habits, and an unhealthy lifestyle can jeopardize your lungs. Although there isn’t the need to maintain the strictest lifestyle to keep your lungs in good form, some effective and feasible changes can enhance their health. 

Healthy lungs

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Exercise regularly

Aerobic exercises, yoga, and others can enhance lung capacity if you can practice them regularly. They make you breathe harder and faster, increasing your lungs’ ability to process more oxygen and pump out CO2. As your body gets tired, it demands more oxygen than the lungs are bound to fulfill. After some months of a rigorous workout, you’ll notice significant improvements in your breathing. 

Cut down on the cigarettes

It may seem impossible to quit at the first chance, so you should do it step by step. Reduce the number of cigarettes per day until one. If you can do it successfully, set the next goal at 3-4 per week. By the time you reduce it to 1 cigarette per week; you will gain better control of your urges. 

It’s natural to feel an urge to go back to regular smoking, but you should prevent it for at least a month or so. Occasionally, you can smoke some weed, like the wedding crasher strain that helps you relax too. Under a certain limit, marijuana is considered less harmful than tobacco. Experts believe that occasional weed smokers have almost the same chances of getting lung cancer as a non-smoker. 

Avoid indoor pollution

Several allergens and chemicals inside your home can affect your lungs in the long term. Make sure you clean your home regularly using professional services to get rid of them. Keeping the air indoors free from such substances can enhance lung health and also prevent other diseases. 

Get your flu shots

Viral diseases, like influenza and pneumonia, can damage the lungs to a great extent. To prevent that, you should take your flu shots on time every year without fail. Get your lungs checked regularly and follow the doctors’ guidance in case of issues. And practice deep breathing every morning to improve lung functions. 

Drink enough water

You may be wondering how drinking water can help our lungs. Well, fluids are said to keep the mucosal lining of the lungs thin, which in turn, helps them function better. So maintain your fluid intake and stay hydrated at all times. 

Stay active

Besides working out regularly, you should also stay active for most of the day. It offers twofold benefits – enhances the capacity of your lungs and also promotes heart health. Apart from these, activities also keep you busy and negative thoughts away. 

If you notice symptoms like shortness of breath after every small activity, dizziness, wheezing, persistent cough, or other similar issues, you should get your lungs checked. Many a time, these are the signs of lung damages. They can be reversed if diagnosed on time. It’s unwise to take your health for granted. Follow the aforementioned suggestions and stay in touch with a lung specialist to refer to in case of emergencies. 

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