How to Create the Perfect Garden Gym

With the number of health-conscious people rising, it can be challenging to find a suitable commercial gym at busy hours. In addition, with pricey memberships and daily struggles of family life and paying bills, more people around the world are choosing to build their own gyms in their back yards.

If you have decided to set up your garden gym but your limited budget doesn’t permit any extensive digging and costly construction, you’ll be happy to know that there’s an easy solution: modern garden gyms can be installed in about two weeks, usually don’t require any building permits, cause minimal disruption and their price tag is significantly lower than any typical home extension.

This means you’ll be able to create your own workout space with tons of natural light, full equipment and improve your health and well-being right there in your back yard. Here are several key aspects to pay attention to when you plan your garden gym.

The garden gym set up

When setting up your garden gym, your basic consideration is its size and floor plan so it can accommodate all the equipment you plan to incorporate. In most cases, there are no specific building permits you need to worry about as long as you do not affect the structural integrity of your existing property.

For a spacious gym, you’ll probably need between 20 and 30 m2, but that depends on the amount of space you have available in your garden. As you can’t really place the whole construction on the grass directly and you might want to expand the usable floor space by incorporating an outside deck, you should consider using durable adjustable pedestals designed for floor and deck support that will also reduce sound transmission, improve heat insulation and allow you to hide underneath the raised decking all the unsightly services.

The equipment

The basic requirement for a good gym is a good floor. The type of flooring is determined by the type of equipment you choose, but mostly what works great is rubber gym matting for free weights and sturdy laminate or wood for the rest of the space.

With sufficient ceiling height and power supply, you can bring in any type of gym equipment that you’ve used in a commercial gym. This means suspension systems, a punch bag, treadmill, cross trainer, elliptical bike, adjustable bench and stretch mats. Essentially, that means all the home gym gear you need for a quality gym workout.

Choosing the utilities

An important part of your garden gym design is determining the placement of all the sockets and lighting fixtures. Most gyms go with floor built-in sockets to avoid messy cables and as for the lighting, the best recommendation is LED lights. Not only does this prevent the room from overheating, but it also saves you money in the long run.

Moreover, no gym would be complete without a proper entertainment centre with a flat screen TV and a sound system. Consider incorporating recessed speakers in the ceiling and walls and make sure you have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can easily connect your smart phone. In addition, if there’s room within your budget, you might consider a bathroom with a shower for full comfort and enjoyment.

Make it a pleasant and versatile space

A great quality garden gym should be built to last so make sure it’s not only pleasant for the time being, but that it can also be used in other purposes, if the need arises. Your requirements may change over time, so a gym today may become a home office, a guest bedroom or a hobby room in future. Make sure it’s design is versatile so it allows possible alterations.

Finally, for a space to be fully comfortable, a heating/cooling system is a must. Most garden buildings come with excellent insulation and when the temperature rises due to a high intensity workout, it can become hard to bear. An AC unit will cool it down and possibly heat it up in colder winter months and proper ventilation through windows and sliding doors will create pleasant airflow.

Building your own garden gym gives you the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve the quality of living without the need for major disruption and large investment of both your time and money.

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