The Day After: Make a Quick Recovery

Live Fit | The day afterPicture this.

You wake up. It’s the day after. Now what? What do you do when you overdo it?

This article will help you make a quick recovery when you’ve overdone it or made a mistake.

The Day After

Suppose you overindulged last night or last weekend by eating and/or drinking way more than you should have. What now? Is all lost? Does this mean you might as well scrap your plans for a healthy holiday ?


There is no time like the present to get up, dust yourself off and turn things right. Yes, it is the day after, which is a perfect time to make things right, RIGHT NOW! Now is the best time to start the repair process. If you don’t, there will be more damage to make up for. There is no need to wait till Monday, or next month or next year. Do it now.

We all have our slip ups. The healthiest, fittest person you know, or have seen, is not always perfect. But the difference between them and the “average” person is, they slip less often and less far and then they get right back up again. Immediately. They don’t let a slip stop them.

If you stumble and fall, accept it and get back up. Collapsing won’t help. Wallowing in your failure won’t help. My Dad once said to me, “it is okay to fail, as long as you learn from it.” I agree with that and ever since that time I have done my best to not fail the same way more than once. “Fail Forward” is a phrase I like to use.

Live Fit | Don't overdo it. The day after

Pumpkin barf cracks me up

The mettle of a person shows in how they handle the tough situations. Show yourself that you can be strong. Accept failure, of any size, as your human feature and learn from it. Some say that a person hase to fail 10 times for every one success they have. So, set out to fail first, then you only have success ahead of you. Use the scientific method of trial and error to experiment with failure. Keep in mind that it is an experiment to teach you what doesn’t work, so you can go on to do what does work. If something doesn’t work, so what? Learn from it so you do not repeat the failure. Be careful not to set up a pattern of failure, though. Remember, to learn from your mistakes and don’t make them again.


When you need to pick yourself back up, especially from an eating overload, there are several things that I recommend you do immediately.


Exercise is a great way to renew your enthusiasm, give you positive energy and circulate out the bad stuff trapped in your body. Go for a brisk walk or run – outside is best. The fresh air is great for your body and mind. It clears the head and invigorates the muscles and circulatory system.

Drink water

Water is a cleanser and helps the toxins move to the lymphatic system. It also replenishes cells, makes blood flow more easily and can relieve a headache. The body needs water, but especially so after you have been hard on it.


You can correct a bad meal the next time you eat. Recovering from a bad eating decision is only as far away as your next meal. I usually do this turnaround with a big pile of raw or lightly steamed vegetables.

Have a good attitude

The bottom line, though, is your attitude. If you have the attitude of failure and defeat, then you will slump down and sink into a mud bog. If you have a positive attitude that you can and will do better next time, that you will bring yourself back up as soon as possible and that all failures are learning experiences, then you will succeed. And the next time you wake up the day after, you will not only survive, but thrive.

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