Exercise Guide for Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Staying active while pregnant is key for both you and your baby’s health. Finding a consistent way to get your blood pumping, whether it be yoga, weightlifting, or even water aerobics is important for a healthy pregnancy. Consistent exercise during pregnancy can also help improve overall health, reduce the risk of weight gain, and make the delivery process smoother. 

During and after your pregnancy, performing low-intensity core, back, and lower body exercises can help keep you in shape and prepare you for the hard work of caring for a newborn. Additionally, performing kegel exercises are important to strengthen your pelvic floor. Your body goes through a lot of stress throughout the birthing process, and performing Kegel exercises consistently is key to bouncing back after pregnancy. For an easy guide to workout out during pregnancy, check out these downloadable exercise trackers for pregnant and postpartum women.

There’s no one best way to work out during and after pregnancy; the best workout is the one that you enjoy doing and will do consistently. You should also listen to your body while exercising–everyone recovers at a different pace, so there is no hard and fast guide on when you should be doing what exercises. However, it is generally recommended to wait at least 6-8 weeks after birth to begin exercising, giving you time to bond with your new baby and to help your body recover. 

For an in-depth breakdown of all the top ways to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy and after giving birth, check out the best exercises for pregnant and postpartum women from Haven Life.

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