Essential Fitness Style Tips You Need To Know

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Although looking great isn’t exactly the main premise of hitting the gym… Well, it kind of is. Let’s face it, most of us feel like we need to impress at the gym, look professional, and appear to know what we’re doing. Style isn’t as important as getting a good workout in, but in order to achieve your fitness goals, having confidence and dedication are key. Staying fresh and keeping your style on point will help motivate you to hit the gym, and help you to feel confident, no matter your ability, size, or knowledge. 

Your fitness look depends entirely on your taste. Some people go for muted, blend-in styles, while others like to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Additionally, your sport of choice will dictate the kind of thing you can and should wear. Whatever your preferred style, there are some key staples that never go amiss. 

Comfort is Key

No matter what you choose to wear, comfort is an absolute priority when working out. If your clothes are too small, too big, or simply ill-fitting, it will drastically affect your workout. Feeling uncomfortable, particularly when strength training, can be detrimental to your focus and even be unsafe. The last thing you want when you’re lifting heavy weights is a pinching waistband. 

Likewise, comfort goes beyond just the physical elements. Feeling comfortable and confident in your outfit means reducing self-consciousness as much as possible. Exercise is all about focus and escape; if you’re worried about your appearance, or you feel bad about the way you look, it can break your concentration and you can lose motivation.

Quality Over Quantity

There are many brands that sell gym clothing at a super cheap price. While this can be positive for low-income families wanting accessible workout gear, these clothes are often terrible quality and unethically made. Our culture often encourages us to buy, buy, buy – we find ourselves constantly on the hunt for the new ‘thing’ available. 

But when it comes to workout gear, quality is far more important than quantity. Having a few staple pieces which might cost more, but last far longer, is the best option. Not only do quality clothes help the environment and go further for your money, but they also support your workout in many ways too. Quality gym clothes wick sweat away leaving you to feel cool and dry throughout; they aren’t see-through, and they allow you to move freely while supporting your back and core.

Good quality gym gear is hard to find. is one example of a clothing brand that is dedicated to quality over quantity; plus, they have awesome prints and styles for everyone.

Be Yourself

Just because you’re at the gym, doesn’t mean you should compromise your personal style. Showing off your personality doesn’t stop when you walk through those gym doors; it’s important to keep your personal touch to absolutely everything you do! Be bold, stand out, and show who you really are. 

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