Easy Ways to Feel Like a Real Fitness Fan Rather Than Someone Faking It


fake-it-1Do you find yourself not being as passionate in running as other runners that you see in your neighborhood? Losing the interest to run may hurt your goals of maintaining your weight or improving your health.

Still, you really cannot fake your way to fitness. If you’re finding it difficult to experience running as a way to real fitness, check out these tips!

Don’t use shortcuts

Some women probably want to achieve a size 0, but it’s not recommended to go on starvation. The only healthy way to achieve that goal is through exercise, and the most convenient form of physical activity is running.

Make exercise interesting

To make running a bit more fun and exciting, set a goal that is different from your last run. For example, you may challenge yourself to increase the speed or difficulty a bit. Try to set a time-limited goal or a target intensity when doing your workouts.

It may also be more fun to run with a friend. It would not only be a reason to catch up with your running partner, but also serve as an inspiration for each other so that you can get the right motivation to continue running.

Running on the same route every single day may become unexciting and this may make you feel like stopping. To combat this, find other routes that you have not yet discovered to get you back into your running form. You may also want to try focusing on different kinds of terrain, because this can help strengthen your muscles even more.

Aside from trying different routes in your locality, you may want to try running on a trail. It can be more challenging, and it helps strengthen your muscles as the trail becomes more difficult.

Choose the right exercise clothes

You may want to splurge on your exercise gear from time to time to get you going. If you’re engaged in running, make sure to check reviews online for the best running shoes before buying a pair. Choosing appropriate clothing for your workout can make a huge difference in terms of comfort, support, and safety.

Find the perfect time to exercise

While there is no rule on which time of the day to get the most out of an exercise routine, studies have shown that those who run in the morning have more energy, better and more controlled appetites, and much better sleep at night.

Still, if your schedule does not permit you to exercise early in the morning, then by all means work out in the afternoon or evening. You can follow whatever schedule works for you, as long as your physical activity becomes regular.

Crank the music up

Some people rely on music to keep them motivated as they exercise. If you love music, it might be best to listen to your favorite jams as you do cardio or lift weights. This is also beneficial when running outdoors, but make sure that can still hear the ambient noise in your surroundings.

Have time to rest

In any kind of activity, there will come a time that you may feel too exhausted doing the same thing over and over. You don’t have to do a workout every single day of the week. Feel free to take a break and explore other things that may interest you.

What you really need is to enjoy and realize the benefits that exercise can give you. Once you see the changes since the time you started working out, you no longer need to fake it. You can even call yourself a true fitness buff!

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