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Despite the diet or lifestyle you live, it’s helpful to take a step back and consider what you’re consuming on a daily basis. How much of what you eat or drink is on autopilot? Too often, we eat while driving, on-the-go, or even stress eat if we’ve had a bad day. Whatever your health or diet goal is—tracking what you eat and drink throughout the day is helpful to identify triggers, habits, and uncover how balanced your diet is.

If you’re looking to make changes in your eating habits or create a more mindful routine, a daily food journal is one way to do so. Writing down everything you eat in a day helps you stay accountable. Those small in-between meal snacks can quickly add up without realizing it.

To get started, simply write down every detail of what you eat in a day, from your early morning breakfast to that late night dessert. You can also include water intake, calories, net carbs, or your workout for the day. After a week or two, you can analyze your logs to see any routine habits or patterns.
For an easy daily food log, download or print the journaling printables by Kitchen Cabinet Kings below. It has space for breakfast through dinner and categories to list calories, carbs, sugar, or protein. Either hang it up in your kitchen, if you work from home, or save on your phone for an easy log on-the-go.


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