Don’t Hurt Yourself! Three Exercises You Might Be Doing Totally Wrong

don't-hurt yourself

Do you ever feel like you’ve hit a wall in your workout? As if you’re working as hard as you can and it just doesn’t seem to be having any effect at all? Nothing is more discouraging that working out day after day and seeing no benefits. For some people, it’s enough to make them want to quit altogether. But hold on. Before you hand up your running shoes for good, ask yourself, “am I actually working out properly?” Sometimes the biggest problem with a workout is that you’re not actually doing it the right way. An exercise done wrong can be as pointless as not doing it at all. Here are 3  exercises you’ve possibly been doing wrong, and how to change that.


One of the most classic exercises used everywhere from gyms to army bases, push-ups seem like the simplest workout possible. Which makes it all the more strange that so many people get it wrong. The most common mistakes that people make is they flare out their elbows, bending their hips and only going down part of the way. Instead, you should make sure that your body is straight and move down slowly until your completely flat. Then bring yourself up slowly. Doing push-ups wrong can stop you getting any benefits from the workout and even damage your shoulders if your form is bad.


Possibly the best workout there is. If they’re done right, they can work out your core and your legs like nothing else. Tragically you get nothing out of them if they’re done wrong. If you’re not all the way down or rounding your back, then you’re just putting in a whole load of pointless effort. You should make sure that your weight is always on your heels and your torso is upright. When you squat, make sure you’re going all the way down. Getting the right form with a squat can be tricky on your own, so the best thing you can do is head to the nearest gym & fitness center for workout advice.

Bicep Curls

A really popular work out for those who want to add mass to their arms. The problem is that the bicep is not a particularly big muscle and making errors can lead to serious damage. The major problem people face in that they curl their wrists as part of the workout. This means that you get no benefits in your arms but are potentially causing wrist pain. The key is to engage your core and glutes before you lift and focus purely on your bicep. Let your wrist trail behind a little so that you take them completely out of the equation. That puts all the work on your arm and help to build muscle much more effectively.

These tips won’t take the work out of exercise; you’ll still need to put in a lot of effort. But by making sure that you’re exercising properly, you can be sure that you’ll start seeing results much faster.

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