Considering Cycling To Work? Try These Tips

There are plenty of excellent ways to stay fit and healthy. The problem is that, for many people, there’s a time factor that has to be considered. If you’re working long days, then it’s best to find ways to incorporate exercise into your day, rather than working up a sweat when you get home. Going for walks throughout the day and taking the stairs will both help, but for the biggest impact, look at cycling to work. This will get you super fit and healthy, and ensure that you arrive at the office ready to hit the ground running. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some useful tips that’ll help you to get started. 

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Invest in a Good Bike

First thing’s first: you’ll obviously need a bike. You should be aware, however, that not all bikes are created equal. There are some that will technically get you from A to B, but which won’t be all that comfortable. If you’re planning on cycling to work every day, then you’ll want to invest in a good bicycle. These don’t have to cost the earth. Indeed, you can get good deals on second-hand bikes. If you already have a reasonably good bike, you may consider just upgrading the seat, so that you can ride in comfort. There’s nothing worse than having to make a journey in discomfort.

Get Used To It

In all likelihood, you’ll be cycling on the roads on your way to work, at least some of the time anyway. This is, of course, much different from the experience of cycling through a nature path or anything like that. Before you embark on the journey to the office, spend some time getting used to your bike and the roads in general. Confidence and an understanding of the roads are key when it comes to safety. It’ll feel strange when you first get on your new bike (all new bikes take some getting used to). Getting your bike-legs will ensure that you’re confident when you’re out there.

Practice the Route

You may have made the journey to the office a thousand times before, but that was in a car. A bike is completely different. It’s more than likely going to take much longer than in a car (though you will save time because you won’t be in any traffic jams!). Before committing to it on a day when you have to be at work, practice the route on the weekend. This will allow you to time how long it’ll take and also to figure out the best route. Don’t assume that the route you take in your car is the most suitable; it may not be. It’s worthwhile taking a look at the cycling option of Google Maps to see what they suggest, but that’s open to interpretation. If you know that there’s a scenic route available, then it might be worth taking that one, even if it adds a few minutes to your journey. 

Stay on top of Maintenance

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve invested in a brand new bike or a second-hand bike: at some point or another, you’re going to have problems with it. You can’t ride your bike every single day without encountering an issue sooner or later. To ensure that you’re fully safe on the roads, and that you don’t ‘break down’ on your way to work, it’s important that you’re handling problems as soon as possible. There are home bike repair companies that will fix your bike from the comfort of your own home so the process couldn’t be easier. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the things that don’t affect performance, but which do affect safety, such as your bike lights. 

Storage Options

It does seem like the world is set up for cars. There’s parking everywhere! And that’s not always the case for bikes. So when you’re making your plans, think about where you’re going to store your bike. There may or may not be bike parking near to your office. If there’s not, then why not ask if you can store your bike in the office? Bikes are increasingly popular, so they’ll probably be OK with it. 

Stay Safe

Finally, remember that it’s crucial that you stay safe while you’re out there. At an absolute minimum, you need to ensure that your bike is in full working condition and that you’re wearing a helmet. Even small incidents can become dangerous if you don’t have adequate protection from injuries. 

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